‘Dragon girl,’ who spent $120k on drastic body modifications

Dragon girl,’ who spent $120k on drastic body modifications, covers up her tattoos to remind herself of what she looks like before the ink. The 25-year-old woman said she thought she looked ‘terrible‘ after she used makeup to cover them up.

Amber Luke

  • Amber Luke, who lives in Brisbane, Queensland, has spent $50,000 on nearly 600 tattoos.

  • One of them was blue ink that was injected into her eyeballs after a painful 40 minutes that left her blind for three weeks.

  • The 25-year-old revealed that she had spent an additional $70,000 on extreme body modifications, such as a tongue split, breast augmentation, cheek and lip fillers, pointed ear implants, and a Brazilian butt lift.

The self-described “Blue Eyed White Dragon” admitted in an episode of Hooked On The Look that she thought she looked “terrible” after concealing her face and neck tattoos with makeup and how much she “hated” her previous “boring” appearance.

Amber Luke

She said she assumed she looked ‘horrible’ after she utilized establishment to conceal her face and neck tattoos She needed to see what she resembled before she changed her look from a new confronted youngster to ‘mythical beast young lady Taking a gander at an old image of herself, Golden said she assumed she looked ‘plain’ and ‘exhausting’ (imagined in mid 2017 preceding going through a total change) Golden Luke’s $120,000 body change Tongue split Pointed inserts in ears Pierced temple, chest, lip, cheek, wrist and arm Ear cartilage extended Bosom expansion Cheek and lip fillers Eyebrows, lip inked and eyeballs inked with blue ink Almost 600 tattoos, remembering for her chest, neck, stomach, arms, face, fingers, thighs, sternum, base and hands Brazilian butt lift

Amber Luke

‘I realize it sounds exceptionally materialistic that I need to change myself however envision abhorring yourself so much, you were unable to try and thoroughly search in the mirror? You were unable to leave your home. She cried and said, “It was just horrible to live through.” I guess I’m just a different person now than I was in the past. Life happens, and people judge you. At the end of the day, I’m a tough person who can handle anything.

Before experimenting with extreme body modifications, Amber developed a fascination for tattoos at the age of 16. Amber Luke

She underwent surgery to change her tongue split, get “pointy” ears, and get breast implants as part of her body transformation. Her ideal body type is one that is “fully covered” in tattoos. What’s the point of living your life normally? It’s exhausting,’ she said. ‘ How much have I spent on tattoos? Every time I say this number, roughly $50,000, my mother likes to cry. But that’s just for tattoos.

Amber Luke

“So my procedures as such as my breast augmentation, eyeball procedure, tongue splitting, and Brazilian butt lift, which is about to happen in a few months, I’ve spent approximately $70,000 on modifying my body,”

Amber Luke

She has almost 600 tattoos from head to toe, including blue ink infused into her eyeballs during a painful 40-minute methodology that left her visually impaired for quite a long time The 25-year-elderly person has spent a further $70,000 on outrageous body changes She has a mandala on her decolletage and brow, blue inked eyeballs and a split tongue Golden said she was told to acquire 10 kilos for her Brazilian butt lift. ‘ Amber Luke

They will take the fat from these areas and infuse everything into my posterior,’ she made sense of. ‘ A many individuals will give me examination for this since “why not simply go to the exercise center?”

However, I am incredibly lazy. Please accept my apologies, I’d prefer pay the $15,000. If that makes me materialistic so be it.’ Last November, Golden uncovered how she went blind for quite some time subsequent to going through the most hazardous methodology on her eyeballs. ‘ Amber Luke

I couldn’t start to portray to you what the inclination was like, the best thing I can give you is once the eyeball was entered with the ink, it seemed like [the tattoo artist] snatched 10 shards of glass and focused on it my eye,’ Golden told Barcroft television. ‘

That occurred four times in each eye, which was quite brutal. Sadly, my artist penetrated my eyeball too deeply. Assuming your eyeball methodology’s done accurately, you shouldn’t go visually impaired by any stretch of the imagination.

I couldn’t see for three weeks. That was really severe.’ She has previously acknowledged that she does not wish to undergo further extreme body transformations. I don’t plan on getting any more extreme body modifications in that way. Therefore, no more splitting tongues or getting eyeball tattoos,’ she stated.

Amber Luke

Amber previously revealed that she spent thousands of dollars changing her appearance from a young teenager to a “dragon girl” after undergoing the most dangerous procedure on her eyes.

Before and after: Amber stated that she had never liked her appearance prior to her transformation. Prior to her transformation, Amber stated that she had never liked her appearance. Amber Luke

I consider myself to be extremely forgettable while taking a gander at when photographs, I totally detested the manner in which I used to look. I didn’t do it.

‘In any case, I’ve developed myself over the course of the years into what I need to be and resemble, yet in saying that, I actually have far to go.’ Golden said she regrets absolutely nothing’s ‘over her 10-year change. ‘ I’m not stressed what I will resemble when I’m more seasoned, I comprehend that everybody ages and I don’t figure anybody will look as well “pretty” at 70 years of age,’ she said. ‘ In the end, it’s the only thing I can take with me to my grave.’

Amber Luke

Amber claimed that the reactions to her new look have been mixed. “There were always a few nasty, opinionated people who try to make you feel inadequate, but I never let them get to me,” she explained. “I gained a lot of support and positive vibes from complete strangers.” I’m doing what I want to do, and if it makes me happy and gets me out of bed in the morning, then so be it. I’m not hurting anyone.

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