25+ Hilarious Times This Guy With A Name ‘Customer Support’ Trolled Clueless Customers

Internet based life has turned into a major ordeal for organizations – most clients are online in spots like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and can without much of a stretch be come to with a straightforward post or private message. In any case, in some cases the accommodation of arriving at a lot of individuals at the same time has it’s drawbacks – as you will find in this post!

The Amazing Troll-Man, a UK-based comic otherwise called Wesley Metcalfe, adores simply upsetting enormous organizations. His strategy is straightforward: he has a Facebook account under the name ‘Client Support.’ He visits the pages of different organizations, changing his profile picture to coordinate them, and continues to communicate with clients in a divertingly entertaining and regularly discourteous way. The clients, stunned by the cheek of Wesley’s ‘client administration,’ normally respond with a noble shock that lone adds to the comicalness.

  • Can’t envision what I mean? Look down beneath to see The Amazing Troll Man in real life for yourself, and let us comprehend what you think in the remarks!

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