Giuliano Finelli, A Skilled 17th-Century Sculptor, Hand-Carved Incredible Lace Patterns Into Marble.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was probably the best 17th-century sculptor.Historical writers frequently attribute Bernini’s creation of the Baroque style of sculpture to him, challenging contemporary artistic traditions.However, the sculptor’s assistant Giuliano Finelli made a significant contribution to his success that many people were unaware of.In point of fact, Finelli’s creations were as breathtaking as Bernini’s masterpieces.

Amazing tattoos that glow when illuminated by black light

You might be one of those people who enjoys body art, just like tattoos, or who enjoys keeping secrets. What is the connection between tattoos and secrets? There are so many modern methods for keeping secrets that it’s hard to even imagine the latest one. The truth is that UV black light tattoos are becoming increasingly popular.

Rarely Seen Images That You’ve Always Wondered

Still Seen in an Age of Travel There are incredible and exciting sights to see. That’s because some things are so rare and hard to find that it takes months, if not years, just to see them. Can you imagine putting your , career, and family on hold? Sure, it’s a sight to behold, but I wouldn’t recommend putting a break in everything…but don’t worry. All these wonderful sights can be seen for free. Scroll down and marvel at the wonders our world has to offer.