12 Couples who are happy despite their big age gaps

It is a fact that many people disapprove of couples with a 10-year age difference or more. But often the difference is he 45 years, sometimes even 50 years. And even though we don’t know what’s going on in the relationship, being together for a while can mean things are going well. So we can only make them happy and support them.

  • Nicolas Cage (59) and Riko Shibata (28) — 31 years

  • Ronnie Wood (75) and Sally Humphreys (45) — 30 years

  • Steven Tyler (74) and Aimee Preston (35) — 39 years

  • Dick Van Dyke (97) and Arlene Silver (51) — 46 years

  • Mick Jagger (79) and Melanie Hamrick (36) — 43 years

  • Mel Gibson (67) and Rosalind Ross (32) — 35 years

  • Dennis Quaid (68) and Laura Savoie (29) — 39 years

  • Patrick Stewart (82) and Sunny Ozell (44) — 38 years

  • Sarah Paulson (48) and Holland Taylor (80) — 32 years

  • Dolph Lundgren (65) and Emma Krokdal (25) — 40 years

  • Madonna (64) and Josh Popper (29) — 35 years

  • Cher (76) and Alexander Edwards (37) — 39 years

TikToker says she’s suing her parents for having her without her consent

She is encouraging parents to-be to utilize a clairvoyant medium to contact their unborn kid and inquire as to whether they “really need to be here”

A TikToker has entertainingly declared that she is suing her folks for having her without her consent.

Kass Theaz took to her web-based entertainment page to shoot her folks after they childishly brought her up without asking her first.

” She stated on her channel, “I did not consent to being here,” stating that she now faces the prospect of adulthood and must find work to support herself.

She then complained that her parents didn’t try to get in touch with her before she was born to see if she wanted to be conceived or not.

She jokingly stated, “And that’s why I sued them,” and her face was serious.

She added that she is making it her “life mission” to teach children to sue their parents “so they don’t have to work” and that pregnant women should hire a psychic medium to contact their unborn child and inquire if they “actually want to be here.”

Kass Theaz Individuals rushed to the remarks segment in the wake of feeling befuddled about whether the clasp was a joke or not.

” You’re making fun. One person wrote, “You HAVE TO BE joking.” Another inquired: Is this no doubt?”

Another added: This simply cannot be true,” while a fourth added, How did she successfully sue before adopting children?

However, one individual shared: “Clearly having read her bio, which states it is a “satire account,” I briefly trusted everything she said.

While another person stated, This is comedy, but it’s so close to the left that it’s possible,” was followed by four emojis that made people laugh out loud while crying.

I fell in love with another women and my husband supported me

Married mother-of-two who fell in love with another woman at the school gates reveals how her husband supported her new relationship.

  • Leah Hamilton, who identifies as queer, first met her husband at university

  • The couple enjoyed a non-monogamous relationship even after having children

  • She said she fell in love with another woman at the kindergarten school gates

A married woman who met another mother at the school gates has shared how her husband helped her through her new relationship.

Leah Hamilton, who distinguishes as eccentric, initially met her better half at college in New Zealand.

The couple had a non-monogamous relationship, and on their wedding night, they even had some sexual encounters with other people.

Leah claimed that she later fell in love with a different woman at the kindergarten school gates and that she had her husband’s complete support even after the two women broke up.

Writer Leah Hamilton, who distinguishes as eccentric, initially met her significant other at college in New Zealand

The couple partook in a non-monogamous relationship and, surprisingly, made out with others on their wedding night

Leah said she was first attracted to her better half because of his ‘calm and delicate’ nature – and advanced with their relationship ‘without a considerable lot of the standard systems’.

She had been in a relationship with a different woman at the same time, whom she had met at a party, but she soon made the decision to move in with her then-boyfriend, get married, and have children.

The mother of two claimed that until her husband accepted a job offer and the couple relocated to Berlin, having an open relationship was largely put on hold in order to raise their children.

“Discovered a very open culture and a lifestyle in which having children was no barrier to having a good time,” the couple said while they were there.

Leah, on the other hand, disclosed that despite initially having difficulty meeting new potential partners, With one of the other married mothers I had met at my children’s kindergarten, I started going out in the evenings.

I quickly became close friends with her. We were both wild, adventure-seeking individuals looking for fun.

Soon, the woman began lavishing Leah with praise, declaring that her eyes were “so beautiful” and that she appeared “really fit.”

In any case, the connection between the two ladies immediately formed into something that went past actual science.

Leah, who works as a writer and editor, admitted that she fell in love with another woman at the kindergarten school gates and that she had her husband’s full support.

Leah, who works as a writer and editor, admitted that she fell in love with another woman at the kindergarten school gates and that she had her husband’s full support.

The mother of two said that having an open relationship was put on hold so she could raise their children until she fell in love with another woman.

I had no clue about whether my significant other would uphold me to associate with her —

as a hookup, however as a genuine relationship.’ She was shocked to learn that her husband actually supported her and made a joke about “why not?” Their families quickly became “intertwined” as the two women threw themselves into dating and went to parties, bike rides, and lake swims.

They frequently invited both of their husbands and all of their children to join them for dinner and shared childcare duties.

Leah was involved with the person for a long time however observed that it was ‘at last unbalancing.’

She commended her better half of 12 years for being ‘glad to move with me in whichever heading I was heading’

She told the distribution: ‘ My better half and I were both extremely profound, and we conflicted in manners that gradually tore away at us.’

The pair ultimately separated which left Leah crushed and ‘crying consistently for quite a long time.’ She added, “She disclosed that her husband had continued to support her.”

He embraced me and listened to my grief. He dealt with our youngsters and the family more than expected.’

Since then, Leah has started a new friendship with her ex-girlfriend by reconnecting with her.

She added, “happy to move with me in whichever direction I was going,” praising her husband of 12 years. I felt empowered to be who I was and to live life to the fullest.

I’m a girlfriend for rent for $12K—Women don’t date for free

Woman says she makes $12,000 a month dating single men.

  • In Mexico, a lady is giving direction to individual single ladies, proposing that they cease from dating “for nothing.”

  • She guarantees that she procures more than $12,000 each month by offering her administrations as a substitute ally to clients.

In this day and age, there is by all accounts a business opportunity for many administrations, including friendship.

It is possible to rent a partner for a day for those who are feeling alone and have the financial means to do so.


Kiirmy, an ally for-enlist, has unveiled that she offers her administrations to go with people for a foreordained day to day expense.

She claims that some people are willing to spend a lot of money on her to spend time with her.

She displays these experiences with pride on her social media platforms and even exhorts other people not to date without receiving financial compensation.


Kiirmy, who goes by the online handle @kiirrmy, works full-time as a girlfriend-for-hire, giving people who are willing to pay for her time and companionship.

A few years ago, this influencer, who has a following of 233,200 people, started her unconventional job.

More from the real world A real-life model discusses the final moments of her grandmother before she made the decision to end her life.

A real-life conjoined twin explains what happens when her sister has intimate moments with boyfriends.


A real-life man who spent $50k to look like Nicki Minaj says: She claims that her first client was willing to pay over $500 for her presence. “My Goal Is To Look As Sickening As Possible”

“It came to me on the grounds that in my nation of origin, Japan, paid dating is something extremely ordinary,” Kiirmy on the web, told Jam Press.

She said: ” I had fans and folks who previously needed to meet with me, so I began meeting, charging, and going on excursions. Both they and I profit from this.

“In addition the vast majority like it to stay private and for the most part clients need to disappear from the focal point of towns, so it truly makes it serene.”

Kiirmy sets her base cost for friendship at roughly $540, yet she guarantees that specific clients have gone past that and paid thousands to appreciate her conversation.

“It has to be a high price, because this is not something you normally do,” Kiirmy stated on Instagram (@kiirrmy).

“It resembles an exceptional event and I energize a ton of ladies to avoid it date for nothing.”


Kiirmy adds a humorous twist to her content by making fun of the idea of walking men on leashes in some of her videos.

She also uses other videos to proudly show off the outfits she picked out for her dates.

Kiirmy provides viewers with a glimpse into a date with one of her clients in a recent video that was posted earlier this month and has received over 8 million views.


The substance maker exhibits different exercises during the trip, including shopping, eating together, and watching a film.

Large numbers of Kiirmy’s dedicated fans exceptionally value her work and think that she is alluring.


Some people say they want to hire her, and others say they want to be like her.

They find her personal style and presence appealing, and they admire her profession.


In the remarks, somebody composed: ” I need to lease a sweetheart.”

“My fantasy”, one more said.

Additionally, people frequently comment that they like her style, writing: Delightful as usual”, and “Kill.”

Even though she has a lot of admirers and people who are interested in her, it’s important to know how complicated her profession is and how different people think about it.

Kiirmy’s web-based presence reveals insight into a less-known part of connections today, igniting discussions and interest among her supporters.


Onlyfans Model discovered her Stepfather was here Top Subscriber

An OnlyFans star recalled how the shocking news tore her family apart when she found out that her top subscriber was actually her stepdad.

Taila Maddison, a Newcastle, New South Wales, retail worker, had only been on the X-rated platform for two months when the shocking discovery was made.

She became dubious about her greatest supporter who had burned through $2,000 on awkward substance and informed ‘abnormally unambiguous solicitations’, for example, day to day photographs of her wearing her clothing.

The unidentified user also followed Ms. Maddison on TikTok, and the social media platform informed her that the account was linked to one of her six phone contacts.

The inquisitive OnlyFans star in the end limited it down prior to learning the supporter was a similar man who had been her stepfather for the beyond 12 years.

The shocking information ended her mother’s marriage, and Ms. Maddison revealed that it wasn’t the only broken relationship.

Ms. Maddison talked about how her devastated mother and sisters turned on her after her stepdad left on Tuesday night’s episode of SBS’ Insight.

Onlyfans Model discovered her Stepfather was here Top Subscriber

Taila Maddison was stunned to track down how the genuine personality of her main OnlyFans supporter

‘For the primary two or three weeks, he was a lot of the trouble maker. Be that as it may, he then went quiet on everyone, or individuals went quiet on him,’ she said.

‘ Both my sisters work all day so she (her mum) didn’t have anyone around to take it out on in light of the fact that he wasn’t there and she immediately turned on me and it turned into my issue and OnlyFans’ shortcoming.’

For a few months, I was my family’s number one enemy.’ Ms. Maddison has reestablished good relations with her mother and sisters.

My mum has since continued on and I feel like we have all begun to revamp our connections a smidgen,’ she said. ‘ He is all the way good and gone and no one hears from him and no one knows where he is. ‘ I just feel thankful that I was able to rekindle that connection with my mother and my sisters.

Ms Maddison guaranteed her stepfather attempted to deny the cases when she went up against him and took steps to tell her mum. ‘ In the span of two minutes, I received a message from my stepdad saying, “Tay, would you say you are allowed to talk?”‘ She stated Before telling her younger sister, who was still living at home, she fled to her boyfriend’s house, where she spent the following week in shock.

In the end, Ms. Maddison broke the devastating news to her mother during a group chat with her sisters.

She went totally quiet, which was intriguing for mum,’ she said. ‘ “Please talk to me before you talk to your mom, I am on the way home, let me deal with her,” he had continued to message. He probably wanted to put it behind him.

Onlyfans Model discovered her Stepfather was here Top Subscriber
Following the shocking revelations that she made about the harrowing experience on this week’s episode of SBS’ Insight.

Onlyfans Model discovered her Stepfather was here Top Subscriber
Taila Maddison became “enemy number one” in her family.

“I was already on the phone with my sisters and mum while this was happening,” she said. “He wants to speak to you and I want to hear the whole thing,” my mother calmly stated.

Onlyfans Model discovered her Stepfather was here Top Subscriber
While I was still in shock, my mother listened to the entire conversation when I called him from a private number.

He was on his way home from work; when he entered the house, his mother gave him a mouthful, and that day he packed his bags and left.

The studio crowd and watchers watched on shocked as Ms Maddison itemized the classless solicitations for content her stepfather had mentioned. ‘ She recalled that he specifically requested things like daily photos of my underwear.

“Don’t film in the bathroom, I like it better when you are on your bed or on the carpet,” he told me when I was staying back at his house with him and my mother. Ms. Maddison acknowledged that if she ever met her former stepdad again, she would be nervous.

Wife finds out her man is having 22-year-affair with her mom

When a woman found out that her husband and the father of her children had been having an affair with her mother for more than two decades, she was left devastated.

If there are two people in life you can probably count on, they are your husband and your parents.

One woman, who had been with her 39-year-old husband since they were both 15 years old, was a prime example of this.

They are often with you through thick and thin.

After she became pregnant at age 17, the couple moved in with her parents.

When the woman was 17 years old, the couple decided to move in with her parents to provide support when the woman became pregnant with their first child.

The woman believed that. They got hitched at 18 years of age and proceeded to reside in the lady’s grandparents’ home after they died.

They invited four additional kids together, and the lady was persuaded she had a ‘decent marriage’.

In a post on Reddit, she made sense of: ” We were private over two times per week, we went on date evenings, we got each other gifts, we didn’t battle.”

Notwithstanding, her whole world was flipped around on New Year’s Eve 2021, when she returned right on time from a young lady’s excursion and strolled into her room to find her mum and her better half having intercourse.

” The woman continued, “My mother screamed at me to get out of ‘their’ bedroom, which really shook me up even more.”

The wife confronted her husband and learned that her mother had allegedly “seduced” her partner when they were 18 years old, shortly after they had moved in with them.

Wife finds out her man is having 22-year-affair with her mom
After a fight, the mother is said to have seduced the husband.

“They’d been having unprotected sex something like once every month for longer than we were hitched,” the spouse composed.

However, the frightfulness didn’t stop there, as she added: ” Because the timeline indicated that my husband’s twin brothers and youngest brother might be mine, I ran the numbers and was horrified.

After the news became visible, the spouse’s father demanded that a DNA test be done to decide if her siblings were actually his, or her significant other’s.

Sadly, the tests revealed that the woman’s twin brothers are in fact the biological children of her husband.

“He got my mom pregnant under seven days subsequent to getting me pregnant and keeping in mind that I thought it was so charming and fun that I shared a pregnancy experience with my mother, she was conveying my youngsters’ half kin,” the spouse composed.

Wife finds out her man is having 22-year-affair with her mom
The spouse took in her siblings really had a place with her better half.

The lady likewise guaranteed the issue started after she and her better half had a contention, after which her mum ‘console him and they had intercourse’.

” He cherished it and afterward sought after her after that,” she composed. ” He said he would have divorced me, but because she was so much better at sex than I was, he stuck it out with me because he knew he would be cut off from her.”

Since then, the wife has kicked her husband out of the house, and her dad has also kicked her mother out.

The woman claims that the stress has caused her health problems now, and she has also gone to therapy to deal with the events.

The wife received support from dozens of commenters who assured her she was “so strong” after sharing her story on the subreddit “True Off My Chest.”

Guy injecting himself with the blood of his teenage son so he never grow old

The eccentric tech mogul, 45, who spends $2 million trying to de-age himself, is injected with the BLOOD of his teenage son as part of the latest attempt to dodge middle age.

  • The anti-aging crusader received the plasma of his young son.

  • Bryan Johnson has spent millions of dollars annually to bring his biological age down to 18.

Guy injecting himself with the blood of his teenage son so he never grow old

A notable whimsical tech investor with an enthusiasm for looking more youthful has made the uncommon stride of trading blood plasma with his dad and youthful child.

Bryan Johnson is a biohacker who is famous all over the world.

He spends millions of dollars a year on doctors and procedures that claim to carry the fountain of youth.

Mr. Johnson has previously accepted plasma donations from his 17-year-old son Talmage and 70-year-old father Richard.

Mr. Johnson has previously received blood transfusions from a healthy, anonymous donor.

The threesome went through the bondings at a Dallas center in which the senior dad and youngster child have a liter of their blood eliminated and changed over by means of a machine into its piece parts — one clump of fluid plasma and afterward a bunch of red platelets, white platelets and platelets.

That assortment is then taken care of into Mr Johnson’s veins fully intent on restoring and fixing cell harms wrough by the maturing system by supplanting old blood in an old body with fresh blood from a youthful giver.

Guy injecting himself with the blood of his teenage son so he never grow old

Guy injecting himself with the blood of his teenage son so he never grow old
During the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California, U.S., on Wednesday, October 20, 2021, Bryan Johnson, founder and chief executive officer of Kernel Holding SA,

Guy injecting himself with the blood of his teenage son so he never grow old
Maintains a strict diet and exercise regimen that keeps his body fat around 6%

Johnson, the American tech tycoon worth nearly half a billion dollars, has become the de facto poster child of drastic measures to prevent age-related decline.

Johnson and his PCPs guarantee that in two years he has decreased his generally speaking organic age by over five years and presently has the core of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old and the lung limit and wellness of a 18-year-old.

Most as of late, he has been going through plasma trading.

Guy injecting himself with the blood of his teenage son so he never grow oldJohnson had been receiving plasma transfusions from a young, healthy, anonymous donor before giving it to his father and son.

He carefully screened the donor to make sure they had a healthy body mass index, lived a healthy lifestyle, and weren’t sick.

Richard also had some of his blood drained and infused with some of Bryan’s blood following the extraction of plasma from Talmage.

Experiments with mice served as the foundation for the science behind plasma transfusion as a treatment for aging that is far from established.

A group of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley made the shocking discovery in 2005 that young and old mice’s cellular ages changed when they were joined together.

When they conjoined an old mouse and a youthful mouse so they share blood and organs, they inspected the mice for quite a long time.

While the young mice’s muscles had healed about as quickly as the old mice’s, the old mice’s liver cells had grown at a younger rate.

A later report would show that moving blood from a more seasoned mouse into a more youthful one would really accelerate the maturing system.

Talmage gets the most brief finish of the stick, while Bryan wins by getting blood that, in light of fairly restricted definitive review, will revive him from the back to front.

Richard, on the other hand, is probably the biggest winner because he receives a blood transfusion from one of the healthiest people on the planet.

Bryan and Richard have a difficult relationship, and Richard sees the procedure as a family rebirth and a strengthening of his bond with his son.

Bloomberg was told by Richard: I did win the lottery, yes. Getting this much volume from him must be beneficial.’

Guy injecting himself with the blood of his teenage son so he never grow old
At the point when Bryan’s plasma was taken out from his veins, he commented on the yellow-gold tone characteristic of sound blood.

Bryan Johnson, 45, is a tech tycoon with an extraordinary daily routine to age well. He spends millions of dollars each year on doctors and medical interventions, takes dozens of supplements each day, eats a strict vegan diet of blended foods, and wakes up every day at 5 a.m.

Guy injecting himself with the blood of his teenage son so he never grow old

He said: ‘ Hey, check that out. You can tell if I’m a con artist by looking at this.

The variety is great. It’s flawless.’ Johnson adheres to a routine that more closely resembles a full-time job as part of what he refers to as Project Blueprint.

To improve muscle tone in hard-to-reach areas, he has had his pelvic floor blasted with electromagnetic pulses, and he wears glasses that block blue light for two hours before he goes to bed every night.

He professes to take in a definite 1,977 calories per day, guaranteeing his muscle to fat ratio levels stay somewhere in the range of 5 and 6 percent.

Richard, Johnson’s attorney father, has lost 50 pounds and feels sharper and more energetic as a result of Project Blueprint.

Johnson says his point is to guarantee that his cerebrum, liver, kidneys, teeth, skin, hair, penis and rectum are working as they were the point at which he was 18.

He has said that his point is to guarantee that his cerebrum, liver, kidneys, teeth, skin, hair, penis and rectum are working as they were the point at which he was 18.

Some medical professionals have stated that this is just a manifestation of his anxiety regarding his own mortality.

His lifestyle and obsessive commitment to attempting to counteract the effects of time have received significant criticism.

woman husband died of a drug overdose,begun dating his brother since his death.

The 28-year-old found comfort in her husband’s brother after he passed away. The couple, from New Hampshire, have since welcomed two daughters together.

  • Despite her mother-in-law’s warning that her late son “would not like it at all.”

  • A woman whose husband died of a drug overdose has begun dating his brother since his death.

  • All was revealed in a recent episode of Truly’s My Extraordinary Family by New Hampshire resident Kaitlin Norton.

The 28-year-old, who had been married to her husband Aaron for four years, claimed that Rory, his brother, provided her with comfort after his death.

woman husband died of a drug overdose,begun dating his brother since his death.
The couple has been together for seven years and has also given birth to two daughters. Kaitlin Norton, from New Hampshire, was hitched to spouse Aaron for a considerable length of time before he passed on from an excess

woman husband died of a drug overdose,begun dating his brother since his death.

The 28-year-old said that following her significant other’s demise she tracked down solace with his sibling, Rory

In the episode, Kaitlin uncovered that she had initially met Aaron in grade school. When she was 18 and they started dating, they quickly started using prescription drugs.

When she gave birth to their son Camden, the couple took a break for a while, but when he was just six months old, they went back to their old ways and started using harder drugs.

She acknowledged that the two were doing “whatever they could” to get high, including stealing, and their relationship was plagued by arguments.

woman husband died of a drug overdose,begun dating his brother since his death.
Kaitlin checked herself into rehab in 2016 because she wanted to change her lifestyle. However, Aaron overdosed and died a week before she was supposed to leave.

In the repercussions of his demise, Kaitlin tracked down solace in addressing Aaron’s sibling Rory – who conceded that he had not confided in her when the pair had initially met.

Rory would determine the status of Kaitlin and his then two-year-old nephew on ends of the week which is the way their relationship started to bloom.

Rory stated, At first, we were both hesitant to tell our families about our relationship. We didn’t want them to believe that Aaron didn’t matter to us.

woman husband died of a drug overdose,begun dating his brother since his death.
When asked about her own reactions, Aaron and Rory’s mother Jess (center) admitted that at first she thought it was “a little weird.”

When asked about her own reactions, Aaron and Rory’s mother Jess admitted that at first she thought it was “a little weird.”

However, just a week before Kaitlin was due out, Aaron overdosed and passed away.

She made it clear: “How would Aaron feel?” was my first thought, and I knew he wouldn’t like it at all. He wouldn’t be pleased.’ But when I saw it through his eyes, I realized, “You can’t help but have feelings for who you’re with.”

She closed: ‘ Who my children live with is not up to me.’ Kaitlin and Rory have been together for seven years, and Rory also has a son from a previous relationship.

Camden now refers to Rory as “dad” rather than “uncle,” as the couple has two daughters of their own.

They stated that Aaron would be “very comforted” if he learned about their relationship now.

Colorado woman, 31, pregnant with boy, 13, referred to her as “mom,” is jailed

A 31-year-old Colorado woman who had sex with a 13-year-old boy who referred to her as “mom” and then became pregnant with his child is jailed, weeks after being told she would NOT go to prison under a plea deal.

Colorado woman, 31 pregnant with boy, 13, referred to her as “mom,” is jailed – weeks after being told she would NOT go to prison under plea deal.

  • Andrea Serrano, 31, from Fountain, Colorado, was first arrested in July 2022

A lady who conceded to having intercourse with a then 13-year-old kid – who alluded to her as ‘mum’ – and afterward having his youngster, has been condemned to 90 days in jail. On Thursday, Andrea Serrano, 31, of Fountain, Colorado, received her sentence.

She was initially released on a $70,000 bond shortly after her initial arrest in July 2022. At the time, Serrano was charged by the Fountain Police Department with sexual assault on a child by someone in a position of trust and sexual assault on a child.

Serrano admitted to the relationship, according to the investigators. In Spring, it was broadly detailed that Serrano’s legal counselors had come to a request manage examiners that would drive her to enroll as a sex guilty party yet implied she would stay away from jail and be placed waiting on the post trial process until May. Andrea Serrano

Presently, she should serve 90 days in jail as well as yet consenting to the first terms of the supplication bargain. The punishments included intensive supervised probation for up to ten years for sexual offenders.

Andrea Serrano conceded to having a ‘mother figure’ relationship with the 13-year-old she attacked

‘I feel like my child is denied of his life as a youngster. He now has to become a father. He’s a casualty, and he must live with that until the end of his life,’ the casualty’s mom told KKTV

Since her capture, Serrano has brought forth the high schooler’s child. The kid is in her consideration. His family are intending to appeal to the courts to acquire care. The casualty is currently 14 years of age. Andrea Serrano

After a therapist discovered the information and made the allegations, Serrano was the first person the police questioned. Serrano admitted her crimes during an interview with the Fountain Police Department.

An affidavit stated that Serrano served as a surrogate mother and that the teen referred to her as “mom.” However, the affidavit was unable to confirm the specific relationship that existed between the two parties.

Andrea SerranoAccording to the criminal affidavit in the case, which was cited by the Colorado Springs Gazette, “He looked at her like a mother figure and even called her “mom” before.” “I feel like my son has lost his innocence.” He now has to become a father.

After the plea deal was made public, the victim’s mother told KKTV, “He’s going to have to live with that for the rest of his life.” It would certainly be different if she were a man and he were a young girl, in my opinion.

They’d be looking for more. I feel like since he isn’t a lady, they are not. She continued, “They are having compassion for her.” KOAA said that Serrano and her victim had been living together for some time before she was arrested. The town of Wellspring is found only south of Colorado Springs.

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