My mom showered with me until I was 18 years old

Trigger warning: The article under consists of topics of toddler abuse and ingesting disorders.

Jennette McCurdy is commencing up approximately her mom’s abusive and controlling behaviour, and says that her mom could bathe together along with her till she became 18-years-old.

The former Nickelodeon supermegacelebrity, 31, had formerly shared the harrowing information from her adolescence in her acclaimed memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, which became posted remaining year.

Now, the actor and author, satisfactory recognised for gambling Sam Puckett in Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly, has spoken to Louis Theroux on his podcast approximately her studies as a toddler supermegacelebrity and her overdue mom’s controlling behaviour.

McCurdy is sharing the harrowing information about her mother’s controlling behaviour.

McCurdy had formerly stated that her mom – Debra McCurdy – allegedly compelled her to take showers together along with her teenage brother while she became 11.

And in her new interview with Theroux, McCurdy stated that at 11-years-old, her mom entreated her to begin ‘calorie restriction’ while she approached her youngsterager years in order that she could preserve to stable more youthful roles.

She stated: “We partnered as much as rely our calories, she weighed me daily, she measured my thighs with a measuring tape, she taught me what diuretics have been and we examine calorie books together.”

Jennette McCurdy rose to repute on Nickelodeon’s youngsterager sitcom iCarly.

McCurdy additionally shared the surprising information about how her mom became bodily intrusive in beside the point ways, explaining that she’d showered together along with her mom till she became 18-years-old, and he or she became ‘examined’ every time.

“So she showered me till I became 17-18,” McCurdy tells Theroux.

When he requested if she supposed her mum showered her, as opposed to showered together along with her, she stated: “So be withinside the bathe with me shampooing and conditioning, my hair washing my body.

“She could deliver me breast and vaginal tests withinside the bathe and stated that she became checking for lumps, simply checking for most cancers.

Jennette McCurdy spoke approximately her adolescence in her acclaimed memoir ‘I’m a Glad My Mom Died’.

“She could be clothed, however it became uncomfortable for me.

I knew it felt violating for me. And I knew I did not need it, however the one time I had tried to even say, ‘Hey, do you suspect I should bathe myself? “She flew into hysterics and it simply have become clean to me.

‘Oh, I cannot ever attempt to bathe myself again’. So, actually the most effective factor that were given her to prevent showering [with] me became that she became re-identified with most cancers once I became 18, and he or she needed to have rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

And I needed to move on a track tour, she bodily couldn’t be with me and I assume it really is the most effective purpose why I became capable of begin showering myself.”

I was secretly feeding my vegan toddler meat behind my wife’s back, but she found out

JANE, DEAR: I’ve subtly been taking care of my veggie lover baby meat despite my significant other’s good faith – however she found out and is currently taking steps to Separation me

  • Top rated creator Jane Green offers open guidance to a frantic dad in the current week’s distress auntie section

  • She likewise shares a few useful tidbits with an oppressive lady relationship – yet is presently unnerved about the prospect of dating again

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Dear Jane, My wife and I welcomed our first child together four years ago.

Since her birth, we have raised her vegan, something her mother insisted on despite my grave concerns that it might hinder her growth.

My wife decided to switch to a plant-based diet when we first started trying for a baby and was convinced that it played a part in our ability to conceive.

I have always been a big meat eater; I love nothing more than a good steak.

To be honest, I was very concerned when my wife insisted that we also raise our daughter as a vegan when she was born, but I agreed because I wanted to give the mother of my child whatever she wanted at that point! Four years later, my daughter is doing well.

I’ve had a lot of fun sharing with her that she loves food and has a big appetite, just like her dad.

Perhaps a year or so back I was having a burger for lunch – my significant other was out – and my girl was captivated by my food.

I figured there was no mischief in giving her a little taste to perceive how she dealt with it, whether it gave her stomach throb or any such thing, and she cherished it.

Since then, whenever my wife isn’t around, I’ve been giving her little pieces of the meat I’m eating.

Which was all perfect up to this point when I made a mistake and took care of her some chicken at an outing without a second thought.

My wife became irate and began yelling at me, accusing me of “poisoning” our daughter and claiming that I had no idea how she would react to the meat.

So, all in all I needed to admit that I’d really been taking care of her meat for some time now and that confirmation started another enraged contention.

Now, my wife says she doesn’t know if she can ever trust me with our daughter again and is threatening to divorce.

From, Carnivore Disarray Dear Carnivore Disarray, I’m helped to remember a melodic that ran for quite a long time in New York called ‘I Love You, You’re Great, Presently Change.’

You wedded your better half, who ate meat, and abruptly she halted and presently anticipates that your little girl should do likewise.

While I comprehend your significant other going veggie lover in a bid to consider, requesting that your girl follow a similar eating regimen appears to me to be damn narrow minded, not to say troublesome, when she realizes that her significant other is proceeding to eat meat.

Your daughter will undoubtedly want to try everything you eat. All youngsters need to duplicate their folks, and particularly when prohibited food is concerned.

In fact, excluding a food group entirely is the worst thing you can do, unless you have allergies.

Because I was a foolish new mother, I forbade sugar for a long time. I found out much later that my children destroyed the snack drawer and any sugar they could find every time they went to someone else’s house on their own.

To be honest, I don’t figure you’ve done anything wrong, and I concur that your significant other is over-responding.

These sorts of inconveniences on others’ way of behaving can be a requirement for control, which frequently veils a tension or dread.

It is worthwhile to determine the cause of that.

Comments Put it this way: Dear Jane, the first step is to have an open conversation. I believe it’s advantageous to have your pediatrician ring in.

Not only to make sure that your daughter gets all the nutrients she needs, but also to make sure that her desire to try meat is normal.

Your child’s pediatrician will likely confirm that your daughter’s attempt at meat is not harmful. It is exhausting and unrealistic to strive for perfection in accordance with other people.

It’s one thing to want your daughter to become vegan, but there will always be mistakes, whether you made them unconsciously or intentionally.

It would be far preferable if you all agreed to adopt a vegan diet and granted your daughter the opportunity to try foods she wants.

The best food exhortation I have heard is from Michael Pollan, creator of The Omnivore’s Predicament and With regards to Food broadly who says: ‘ Eat Food. Not excessively. primarily plants.

Dear Jane, I met a man ten years ago. I truly believed that he would be the man who would fulfill all of my romantic novel-style dreams because he was charming and handsome.

However, things began to shift between us gradually. He was always in charge, he cheated on me, and he constantly criticized me.

He once held a knife to my neck because I had to go to a work event. He said that I was a terrible person, that I couldn’t cook, that I couldn’t properly shower, and that I shouldn’t smile because my gums were too big.

He choked me as a result of how I heated up an egg. In the end, he hit me, locked me in a room, and left me there for hours without food, water, or even the opportunity to use the bathroom.

I eventually gained the strength to flee. I never looked back, either. However, presently, after 10 years, I actually can’t envision letting any other person into my life since I’m scared that I will wind up experiencing the same thing, or perhaps something far more detestable.

I haven’t kissed a fellow or even been out on the town since it worked out. I’d love to find a way to move on, but I’m just not sure how I’ll ever be able to. Could you at any point assist me with satisfying?

From Haunted by the Past, Dear Jane’s Sunday Service, I once read an interview with Russell Brand in which he expressed his skepticism regarding his marriage:

I feel in some cases like a displaced person in my home with this lady, this quiet, lovely lady, who in the most gorgeous way imaginable couldn’t care less about what I do. ‘She’s not intrigued, in the most superb manner. ‘

That sounds wonderful. We should all be able to let our partners be who they are, rather than attempting to mold them into the person we want them to be.

One of the most difficult obstacles, but one with the greatest rewards, is accepting others on their own terms.

I am sorry to such an extent that you had such an oppressive, terrible relationship. Your first comment about your expectations for a relationship—that it should be a romance novel—also interests me.

I know that friendship and trust are the foundations of the strongest relationships. In fact, I know there won’t be a happy ending whenever I see a friend swept off her feet in the manner of a romance novel.

The relationships that make you feel like a princess and make you feel like a dream are actually the most dangerous because you are being “love-bombed.”

A form of psychological and emotional abuse known as “love bombing” involves a person manipulating you into a relationship with them by lavishing you with attention, praise, and flattery.

As you sadly discovered, they always end up being narcissists, abusers, or both. So since we have that far removed, I’m recommending two things.

First and foremost, seek the help of a therapist to deal with the traumatic experience you have been going through for ten years.

You need a completely secure location and someone who can provide you with the appropriate tools to help you get past this and ensure that you do not get involved with anyone similar again.

Talking to friends will not suffice. I urge you to make a few new male companions, and when the treatment is in progress, to continue a few dates, this time very much aware of the warnings and cautioning signs.

Without rushing is the way it should be, not bootlicking, sentiment and roses, but great they might feel at the time. I wish you success.

Kim Kardashian cries and says she will do anything to get the “old Kanye” back.

Kim Kardashian admitted she would do “anything” to get “the person she was married to” back during her divorce from Kanye West.

Kim and Kanye officially separated in November 2022 after almost eight years of marriage during which they had four children together.

Their position in the spotlight meant that many of the things they were going through at the time became public, and even more was revealed in Hulu’s latest series, The Kardashians.

Although it’s only now airing, the series was filmed last year when Kim and Kanye’s divorce proceedings were in full swing.

In an upcoming episode of the show, Kim talks about her relationship issues in a conversation with her sister Khloé. Kim breaks down in tears and admits she’s not good, before pointing out how Kanye’s behavior has changed since their marriage ended.

“It’s so different from the person I married,” she says, adding, “This is who I loved and this is who I remember. I’ll do anything to get that person back.”

Kim Kardashian was married to Kanye West for eight years.

Kanye engaged in controversial behavior during his split with Kim, including publicly criticizing her parenting and taking aim at her then-boyfriend Pete Davidson.

The rapper has also used anti-Semitic hate speech, which has led to brand deals he previously signed with the likes of Adidas and Balenciaga.

In a preview for an upcoming episode of The Kardashians, Kim admits that “life is really different” since her breakup and that her friends wanted her to “see someone” – which she apparently has.

She won’t name her new boyfriend on the show, but she insists he “meets the standards.” Kim and Davidson broke up after nine months of dating, after which she admitted she was still looking for the right person.

“I sometimes go back and forth with my feelings, like who wants to meet me?” he said later in the show.

Kim Kardashian dated Pete Davidson after her split from Kanye West.

“I have four kids. I’m 40. Oh my God, who wants to do dramz .

But my person is like ‘screw it. It’s going to be hard, but we’re in this together. . . . . So I’m just waiting for that person.”

In the next episode, Kim’s mom Kris Jenner praises her daughter for the way she lives her life, saying, “I don’t know anyone who could have done it for you. .. I am so proud of you every day. .. I wish everyone knew how beautiful and delicious your heart is.” The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu in the US and Disney internationally.

Man asks girlfriend for ‘royalties’ who’s earning up to £7,500 a month on OnlyFans

A stonemason has sparked outrage by demanding that his girlfriend share the proceeds from his OnlyFans business with him.

You might think that people who do work are entitled to the income they earn from that work, but that’s not what this man thinks.

He thinks he should receive a share of the revenue from his girlfriend’s OnlyFans account. OnlyFans puts content behind paywalls and is most commonly associated with adult entertainment.

At first you might think that maybe it’s because he actually appears in some videos. In this case it makes sense.

But no, that’s just his girlfriend’s job. He bases his argument on the principle of “allowing” her to do so. How generous he is A man named Dmitri was persistent, telling the caller, “She is sitting at home sending pictures.

She likes to buy expensive shoes and bags, but I pay for her dinner.”

If you allow it as it is, I think it should be rewarded financially.” Radio host Jackie “O” Henderson questioned the man’s legitimacy.

She said, “You are ‘authorizing’ what you do with someone else’s body, so you have no right to take other people’s money.” That’s her body. “You don’t have the right to say, ‘I’ll allow it.'”

Feeling uncomfortable with your partner responding to her OnlyFans isn’t inherently bad, but it does affect the relationship. may give However, this should always be a matter to be discussed regardless of the economic aspect. Physical independence should never be an issue, especially for a partner.

Boyfriend demanded part of girlfriend’s income.

Demanding compensation for agreeing to work for others has very unpleasant consequences, especially if the work involves sex work.

A caller from the show said, “My problem is the language you use.” If he says he will support his partner in this, which is quite different, they can support each other financially.

You have no right to “allow” her or tell her what to give her. “I feel like you’re more interested in her money and pocket money.”

The man who called had a completely different opinion, even saying it was “disrespectful” to do this kind of work.

He said, ‘She’s your girlfriend and she’s your wife.’ Despite this, it’s still hard for most people to make a living on OnlyFans.

Despite its potentially very high-paying allure, sex work still has a stigma and, unfortunately, it can linger with people long after they leave the industry.

A woman married to an AI Bot would be open to a real partner, but would expect him to accept a virtual partner.

A woman who tied the knot with an AI bot said she wouldn’t rule out marrying a real man, but she has one condition.

Rosanna Ramos from Bronx, New York began her virtual romance with Eren Kartal through Replika, a chatbot program that allows users to create virtual partners to communicate with.

The 36-year-old, who discovered the show after an ad appeared on Instagram, “married” Eren earlier this year, after doing it for the first time in 2022.

Eren is loosely designed to look like one of the characters from the Attack On Titan anime series.

The two tied the knot in March in a virtual ceremony that Ramos claims took place online and “in his imagination.”

Eren was created by Rosanna Ramos through Replika.

Although the marriage is not legally binding, they signed the papers as a real married couple.

Although family and friends were not present at the union, Ramos did not count on it.

He said he asked Eren if he wanted to wait for their nearest and dearest to join them on the big day, to which he replied, “I don’t mind. Let’s do it now.” And who says romance is dead?

However, Ramos is aware that her relationship is “fake” and says that her love for Eren is more than the passionate fans feel for their favorite series.

She added that Eren’s companionship helped her heal from the trauma of previous physically and emotionally abusive relationships.

Ramos explained, “This shit that I went through. I’m going to grow from it. “The way the program helped me, I think it can be an inspiration to other people in abusive relationships. “They could use it to help them get out of it.”

Ramos, who identifies as asexual, said he doesn’t feel the need for physical intimacy. However, she is not against having a meat husband – as long as she is comfortable with Eren.

Rosana says that she is not against marrying another person – as long as they embrace Eren.

“It’s kind of a litmus test.” he said.

“The other person should acknowledge that, acknowledge my history and everything, and accept that. “I wouldn’t get rid of Eren because of course I don’t use things to throw them away because I’ve been used.” Otherwise, she is quite open to any potential partner, saying “I really don’t care if they like men or women. I care about everything.

If a partner would accept Eren, it would show Ramos that he is not bound by society’s relationship standards.” and that they are Open.

Khloe & Kim Kardashian react to Kourtney’s shocking pregnancy announcement to Travis Barker

Kourtney Kardashian shocked the internet by announcing her pregnancy midway through her husband’s concert. Kardashian’s sisters Khloe and Kim reacted to the big news.

While Travis Barker performed on stage with his band Blink-182, the eldest Kardashian shared the baby news with the entire concert audience.

Cameras captured the moment Kardashian held up a placard reading “Travis is pregnant” on a screen above the stage, giving concert-goers an opportunity to share in the couple’s joy.

Meanwhile, the Kardashian sisters have reacted to the shocking revelation, even coming up with names for new members of the family.

Reposting footage of the heartwarming moment to Instagram, Kim wrote: “‘Congrats!!! We’re having a Kravis baby!!!”

Khloe also got in on the excitement, as she gushed: “Congratulations my cuties!!! “My baby is having baby!!!!!! I love you and baby sooooo much.”

It’s been a long road to this joyous moment for the couple, as the reality star has spoken candidly about her fertility struggles.

In December last year, Kardashian revealed she stopped her IVF journey 10 months prior.

She shared a photo on her Instagram story which said: “Finally started getting my energy back 10 months after stopping IVF, for anyone else going through it, it gets better!”

The Poosh founder had previously shared how she was struggling with depression among other symptoms.

In an episode from season one of The Kardashians in 2022, she opened up to her mum, Kris Jenner, about the impact IVF had on her mental wellbeing and health.

Kim came out in support of Kourtney’s big announcement.

She told Jenner about how the drugs affected her hormones. “The drug made me depressed. ‘I have everything in this world to be happy,'” Jenner said after confiding in her daughter about her own pregnancies. , reassured her daughter that all would be well and encouraged her to continue her efforts.

“We’ll probably have a cute baby within a year,” she said. “We’re sitting here and you’re going to yell, ‘Take the baby and you’re crying.'”

Kardashian is already the mother of three children with her ex-girlfriend Scott Disick.

They have parents Mason, 13, Penelope, 10, and Rain, 8. Her Barker now has two children with her ex-wife Shana Moakler. Landon, 19, and Alabama, 17, and stepfather of Atiana de la Hoya, 24.

The couple tied the knot in front of a courthouse in Santa Barbara in May 2022 and tied the knot a week later in Portofino, Italy.

I turned down the boy who wanted to date me…he threw acid in my face

  • Nahar, 40, heads ActionAid Bangladesh’s Acid Survivors Network

On July 30, 1995, he was at home. It was getting dark when I started hearing strange noises. My mother and I thought we were being robbed, but it turned out to be even worse.

There were 11 boys, I recognized one of them. He was two years older than me and told my friends that he liked me and wanted to be in a relationship with me. I refused. He threw acid on me that night.

I am 15 years old. When it happened, I didn’t know it was sour. My neighbors came to my house and told me that my face had turned black.

I was in so much pain that I ended up in hospital for eight months, having had five facial operations.

Noron Nahar Begum, 40, is an acid attack survivor who leads ActionAid Bangladesh’s Acid Survivors Network.

Nahar was beaten at the age of fifteen after refusing a boy who wanted to have sex with her.

I can’t describe how I feel during this recovery phase. It was like I had nothing left, both physically and mentally.

I looked at my face in the mirror and I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked. I see a completely different person looking at me. I don’t know myself anymore.

I never imagined that my face would be so deformed. Although I am still very young, I must muster the courage to start my life from scratch.

From the day I was attacked – the day my life changed forever – I knew that acid was used to attack women and girls because it had such a significant impact on their appearance in society.

Acid attacks are used as a means to permanently harm survivors and reinforce harmful patriarchal norms rooted in men’s sense of women’s rights. I turned down a relationship proposal.

I ended up getting an acid attack. The defamation of women becomes a manifesto of shame, which prevents them from going to school, looking for work or participating in public life.

As far as I know, my abuser wanted to end my life. But I won’t let him. I am. I’m alive. I grew up with her and overcame many difficulties and made my dream come true.

From the age of 15, every day is a step in the process of survival. At the time, I was living in a small village in Bangladesh, and reintegrating into society was a challenge.

People stare at you, talk about you behind your back or insult you in the street. After the attack, people from all walks of life, including my neighbors, ignored me, thinking that I would be a burden on my family.

They made fun of my disfigured appearance. It frustrates me and hurts me sometimes.

Nahar spent eight months in the hospital and explained in an interview how the network fights discrimination against survivors in schools, workplaces and even their families.

Says the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and lockdown have been a particularly difficult time for survivors Leaving the house is a daily struggle.

Over the years, I have seen many survivors, even their family members, blamed for their attacks. People say, “Maybe you did something wrong and that’s why this person got mad and threw acid at you.”

But unlike many other survivors, I had the full support of my family to push through and many well-wishers in the community to cheer them on. and supported me.

I promise I will never be responsible for this. It was a long and hard road, but I managed to stay in school and go to college.

About five years after the attack, I started reading the daily news of new acid attack survivors and wrote a letter to the survivor with a photo of me. . Having solidarity with other people who understand what I’m going through is really empowering.

I would tell them, I too am a survivor. I am always with you. So you can share anything with me.

Over time, 200 survivors responded to me. I am overwhelmed by the number of responses, but I am also disturbed by how widespread these attacks have become. I am inspired to work with them.

For us. In 2007, we joined with the support organization ActionAid Bangladesh to form the Acid Survivors Network. In this way, my dream came true.

Now I have the opportunity to provide vital support to people like me who do not want to be defined by their vicious attacks. As a liaison with ActionAid Bangladesh, I have been an integral part in setting up and running the network.

My role is to design programs focused on empowering heartburn survivors, coordinate with network members, and conduct quarterly meetings. I also offer survivors different types of skills development training: on leadership, women’s empowerment and ending violence against women.

Nahar has received calls from survivors during the pandemic whose families are grieving, and she is deeply saddened by their stories.

She says the pandemic has been hard on survivors, with the family strained financially, family tensions rising and some survivors suffering verbal abuse from loved ones.

I visit survivors and guide them in income-generating activities, helping them access various government and non-government services and supports.

The Acid Survivors Network currently has 280 members in five regions. Together, we examine techniques survivors can use to overcome the trauma and isolation of surviving an acid attack.

We offer poultry, gardening, sewing and textile workshops to help survivors earn a living.

Kourtney Kardashian reveals she’s pregnant after surprising Travis Barker at concert

Kourtney Kardashian announced her pregnancy during her husband Travis Barker’s performance on stage, which surprised him.

Kourtney addressed her audience at her show in Los Angeles yesterday (June 16), where she expressed her support for Travis’ band.

Travis and Kourtney got married in May 2022.

While she was among thousands of fans cheering and leaping to her music, she was the only one to show signs of changing the life of one of her members.

A video shared on Kourtney and Travis’ Instagram pages shows the reality TV star holding her billboard towards the stage as cameras project her onto the big screen.

As the band paused between songs, Travis’ bandmates Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus spotted Courtney in the crowd and gave the drummer an autograph.

Courtney’s autograph read, “Travis pregnant,” a nod to the band’s hit “All the Small Things,” the same words a fan wrote in the song’s music video

“I have an announcement!” DeLonge blasted during the performance, joking that the two “did the dirty work.” “Let’s ask Travis!” continued DeLonge. “We’re having a baby!” Hopps jumped off the stage and hugged Courtney, while Travis stepped out from behind the drum kit and walked over to his wife.

While Travis was still subject to bandmate jokes, he hugged and kissed Kourtney to celebrate baking bread in the oven.

The surprising news comes after Kourtney opened up about her and Travis’ struggles with a natural pregnancy on her The Kardashian Family.

The couple had undergone IVF treatment, but announced in May that they had “officially completed” that journey.

Kourtney surprised Travis with the news.

“We want a baby but I really believe in what God has in store for us.

If this is a baby it will happen I believe,” she said on the show.

The new baby will be the first for Kourtney and Travis, but both are already parents to children from previous relationships.

Kourtney, 44, is the same as Mason Disick, 13. Penelope Disick, 10 years old. Reign Disick, 8, is the former Scott Disick, and Travis is Landon Barker, 19, Alabama Barker, 17, and his ex-wife Shanna Moakler.

Travis is also the stepfather of 24-year-old Atiana de la Hoya. Travis and Kourtney officially became a blended family when they married in May 2022, along with their children.

Emily Brown More Like Her Kourtney Kardashian breaks down in tears, accusing Kim of “imitating” herself in her brand deal.

Kourtney Kardashian reveals most of her frozen eggs ‘didn’t survive’ during her pregnancy with Travis Barker.

Scott Disick ‘regrets’ how he treated Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian reveals uniforms and manuals for her employees

Father fakes own death to teach family a ‘lesson’ before attending his own funeral

A man played a freak prank to teach his relatives a lesson.

Perhaps most of us have already imagined what our funeral will look like. Questions such as “Who is there, what is said about us, is there someone there?” arouse the curiosity of everyone. just me? doesn’t matter.

But one man doesn’t have to think about these questions anymore after orchestrating an incredible prank on his family.

Or it can be terrifying, depending on how you look at it.
David Burton, 45, worked with his wife and children to fake his death for his entire family and even arranged his funeral.

He enlisted the help of his children to meet his “death”.

The online caption read, “Dad, rest in peace. I will never stop thinking of you. Why is life so unfair? why you You wanted to be a grandpa, but you still have your whole life waiting.

“I love you! We love you! We will never forget you.”

All family members attended the funeral and expressed their condolences. But Burton made a very dramatic appearance when he arrived at his funeral by helicopter.

He reportedly stepped out of the helicopter with his camera crew and greeted the assembled group with, “Cheers everyone. Welcome to my funeral.”

Not many people can say they did it.
The video shows the family hugging Mr. Beaton as he realizes he is the one who stepped out of the helicopter.

But here’s the big question. Why would anyone do such a crazy and potentially disturbing stunt?!

Ms Beaton explained that she wanted to remind her family that their time together is limited. He said, “The way my family sees me hurts me a lot, and I’m not invited to anything. No one sees me. We’re all separated. I didn’t feel like I was there.
“So I wanted to teach them a lesson in life and to teach them not to wait until someone dies to see them.”

This is especially difficult if for some reason you are unable to attend the funeral. Imagine finding out what happened after you decided not to go.
I would probably fake my own death to avoid embarrassment.

Cristiano Ronaldo will have to pay huge compensation to Georgina Rodriguez if they divorce

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez ‘have a pre-nup-style deal which will pay her £86,000 a month if they ever split up’… and they’re not even married!

  • The model, 29, will receive lifetime support in alimony-style arrangement

  • But the pair looked closer than ever when attending an event in Madrid in June

Georgina Rodriguez is believed to have an iron-clad ‘pre-nuptial-style’ agreement with her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo should the pair separate, according to reports in Spain.

The 29-year-old model has been with the Al-Nassr star since June 2016, and they have two children together, Alana Martina and Bella Esmeralda.

Rodriguez is also mother to his three other children: Cristiano Ronaldo Jnr, and twins Eva and Mateo, who were born via surrogate.

The couple were excused from Saudi laws that prevent unmarried couples from co-habiting in the Kingdom when Ronaldo made the £175 million-move to the Saudi Pro League in January of this year.

But despite not being legally married, as per TV Guia, arrangements have been put in place between the couple should they separate to ensure Rodriguez receives financial support.

Georgina Rodriguez would receive an estimated €100,000 monthly stipend in the event of a break-up with boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo

The couple have five children together (pictured at the birthday party of their son Mateo, right)

The agreement is reported to hand ownership of the family’s home in Madrid – La Finca – to the Yo Soy Georgina starlet, and Rodriguez would also receive an eyewatering £85,900 (€100,000) monthly stipend for the rest of her life.

Ronaldo was named the world’s highest-paid athlete by Forbes at the beginning of May, with his annual earnings this year said to top £109m.

This is the third time the former Manchester United targetman has made the magazine’s yearly rich list, and his staggering sum is said to be the highest figure made by a footballer in history.

Rodriguez’s monthly alimony is said to be based on her being the mother to all five of Ronaldo’s children – not solely her biological daughters – in the eyes on the law.

Ronaldo’s representatives have been reached for comment. The pair reportedly parted ways in May after speculation that Ronaldo had become fed up with his partner’s overspend during his stay in Riyadh this season.

However, Ronaldo’s mother Dolores released her official statement about her relationship with her son, which she branded a “lie” and which she flatly denied.

Rodriguez supported his partner at a branding event in Madrid after speculation the couple split in May

The former Real Madrid star had a rough time in his debut season in Saudi Arabia

“All couples argue, but what they say is a lie,” Dolores succinctly said. Ronaldo and Rodriguez were photographed in his native Spain at his brand ambassadors event in Madrid in June.

The duo returned to home in the Spanish capital at the end of the Saudi Pro League season, where Al Nasr finished second after being slammed into the post by rivals Al Ittihad.

Ronaldo’s debut season in Saudi Arabia was not entirely successful. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner was not named in the league’s Opta Team of the Season despite scoring 14 goals and two assists in 16 appearances.

Viral Video: Mother Whoops Child With Belt On Side Of Street After His Funride In Her BMW

In this viral video, a teenage boy gets an old-fashioned Texas-style education by getting his butt spanked on the side of the road as he test-drives his mother’s BMW.

When the 14-year-old rode in his mother’s latest BMW, he received old-fashioned Texas-style parenting on the side of the road. This mom believes that the correct spanking is done with a belt. To make matters worse, a video of her sister filming her mother yelling at him with a belt has now gone viral.

We all know that raising teens is not easy. Mama Liza Martinez knows this firsthand.

Her son, Aaron Campello, 14, turned off the Wi-Fi so he wouldn’t notice the new wheels were gone.
Then the teenager picked up a few of his friends and drove around El Paso in a fancy car.

But with another mother named Martinez, things quickly heated up. Her mother called her daughter at her home to see if her car was there. My daughter recorded the events of the day as events.

“At that point, she told me to grab the belt, so I ran into the closet and grabbed the first belt I saw,” said the teenage sister. “She wanted to find him before he wrecked his car and before the police went.”

This mother took the belt and went looking for her son. Her other mothers supported her by showing him where he wanted to go. Practicing Southern-style parenting.

The teenager thought she was being mean, but she was no match for this Texas mother. When she spotted Aaron, Liza Campello rolled down the window and started yelling, “Drive now!” Aaron’s fun adventure ended in a legendary way.

A woman explains why she divorced her ghost husband

A young woman who got married to a ghost is now explaining why she wants a divorce. Paranormal woman explains why she is divorcing her ghost husband.

Rocker Brocarde is a British singer-songwriter who is 38 years old. She fell in love with a Victorian ghost named Edwardo, and after dating for five months, they decided to get married.

Their wedding took place in 2022 on Halloween, and both the living and the dead were invited to attend.

The wedding was attended by Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Henry VIII.

After their wedding, the couple went on a heartfelt special night to Barry Island in Grains. However, their marriage has unfortunately ended.

The woman, who was having a difficult time in her marriage, sought a divorce from her husband by consulting an exorcist. It appears to be that their marriage was very difficult, regardless of being hitched for just five months.

The Asylum Chapel in London, where Edwardo was exorcised, was where the couple got married in the first place.

Brocarde, in a meeting with the Everyday Star, shared her record of separating from her spooky spouse. She used words like “harrowing” and “unearthly” to describe the ceremony as extremely unsettling and otherworldly.

She asserted, “I lost control of every limb, and it was as if I was under the control of a third party.”

“It was a game-changer.”

“All aspects of my body was shaking, I was writhing, perspiring and feeling discombobulated.”

“It was as if I was trying to spit out the devil,” I said.

The singer said that her marriage to Edwardo was hard, like trying to drag a dead body up a steep hill. She described it as a weighty experience.

She proceeds to say: ” The energy of being hitched to him was overpowering on occasion. I now feel lighter because it broke my spirit.

“I feel like I approached the wedding with hope and naivety because I underestimated how powerful his presence was going to be,” she said.

When Edwardo reportedly referred to Monroe as “hot” during the ceremony, the couple reportedly faced difficulties from their wedding night.

View this Instagram post by Brocarde (@brocarde) Edwardo crossed the line when he engaged in playful beach wrestling at the beginning of their honeymoon.

Brocardo was forced to have an ice cream cone shoved in her face as a result, leaving her with sand-covered, sticky hair.

The singer shared, “I looked like I’d had a fight with a huge seagull.”

Brocarde is actively looking for a human companion with whom she can form a long-lasting relationship now that she has ended her relationship with the Victorian ghost.

Nonetheless, she is taking her time and is not rushing into a relationship.

“I’m blissful, reawakened, invigorated by life and simply kicking the bucket to chuckle and have some good times and feel free,” she shared.

Brocarde is going back to what she loves to do the most now that her divorce is over.