Clinically dead woman for 15 minutes, Clearly portrays 5 years she spent in heaven

If you’ve ever wondered what heaven is like but haven’t really bought into Belinda Carlisle’s claims that it’s a place on Earth, your best bet would be to ask someone who has been there. She vividly describes the five years she spent there.

The only drawback of this is that passing the St. Peter’s entrance exam and entering the pearly gates is typically a one-way trip, so not many people return to discuss it.

On May 6, 2001, Dr. Linda Kramer went to the bathroom in the early morning and thought she was going to sleep.

However, she was actually experiencing what would have been a much more profound sleep than a straightforward slumber.

She said that during the 15 minutes she was being treated by paramedics, she felt like she had been in heaven for five years.

Later, she was told that she had been declared medically dead.

She explained that, as we would understand it, “time did not exist” and that she calculated how long she had been in heaven by calculating how far she had traveled through this world.

Dr. Linda Kramer felt like she had spent five years in heaven during the 15 minutes she was clinically dead.

She used the fact that she could walk at a rate of three to six miles per hour in real life to record her time traveling through heaven.

Dr. Linda discovered that while she was in heaven, she could take on any form she wanted and even become people she met, and the place itself had many striking features.

She said: ” That is the point at which I ended up remaining in what I named the field of blossoms.

I was looking at the range of mountains that was 30,000 times larger than Mount Everest.

There’s a tremendous mountain range over toward the rear of any place I was.

I could see structures with high rises. Dubai, on the other hand, is like a tiny hut.

I saw lakes and had a panoramic view of everything.

“So I’m there interacting with people, talking to people, and becoming them,” says

Heaven is clearly a seriously pleasant spot to be, and it seems like the size of things is a lot bigger there.

If she wanted to be somewhere, she thought about being there and felt instantly transported there.

This meant that she believed she could appear anywhere, including on top of mountains.

Some people who have been clinically dead for a while come back and say they saw visions of the afterlife.

One woman wrote the words “it’s real” and pointed up to heaven.

A different man claims that after being stabbed in the heart, he met the devil and was dragged out of hell by an angel after praying for the first time in his life while doctors tried to save him on the operating table.

In any case, a researcher has said that eternal life simply is preposterous as cognizance continuing after death ispretty much unthinkable, implying that whenever you’re long gone, that truly is the end.

While visiting Cambodia, Lawyer ‘paid to rape four children’

A Florida lawyer has been extradited back to the United States and placed under 24-hour house arrest to await federal trial for raping four children in Cambodia.

  • Rugh James Cline, 42, now under house arrest in Tampa, faces up to 170 years in prison for alleged crimes that occurred overseas in 2019.

  • The charges include allegations of raping four minors in Cambodia. United States Attorney.

  • The alleged crimes of the lawyer, which carry severe penalties, were registered last Monday by the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

An American lawyer who spent the last two and a half years in a Cambodian prison for raping four children is now facing five federal charges in the United States – after being extradited back to the states earlier this month.

Rugh James Cline, 42, currently under house arrest in Tampa, faces up to 170 years in prison for his alleged crimes, including the alleged rape of four minors in the Southeast Asian country in 2019.

According to the lawmaker’s indictment, he arrived in Cambodia in May of 2011 with a photo or video showing two Cambodian children having sex – before and after the two children under 15 were raped on several separate occasions.

The trip was the second of the Florida lawyer in two months, the first taking place in February. According to prosecutors, he recorded the media with a 12-year-old child. According to the indictment, Cline paid for the exploitation of four minors “multiple times” during both trips.

Now, in the case against him, the evidence was enough to arrest Cline on five counts of unlawful sexual conduct in a strange place and one count of possession of child sexual abuse material.

Currently under house arrest in Tampa, Rugh James Cline, 42, seen here after being arrested in Cambodia in 2019, faces up to 170 years in prison for his alleged crimes, including what prosecutors say is paid rape. two small children. When I was 15, several times

Cline – seen here walking to his cell, where he served 2.5 years – was indicted on those charges as early as 2021 and made his first appearance in US federal court on June 7 in Tampa. At a hearing a week later, he was released on $100,000 bail and placed under house arrest pending an upcoming federal trial.

Cline was indicted on those charges in 2021, two years after his arrest, and made his first appearance in US federal court on June 7 in Tampa.

Less than three weeks later, last Monday, a bond hearing was held where the suspected pederast was released on GPS tracking, 24 hours of house arrest and a $100,000 bond.

Prosecutors said that while he awaits his next federal trial sometime this year or next year, Cline also will not be allowed to use the Internet or minors while under house arrest.

A statement issued by the US attorney’s office in Central Florida last Monday detailed some of the disgraced attorney’s alleged crimes.

“According to the indictment, between February and May 2019, Cline, a U.S. citizen and licensed attorney in Florida who resided in Tampa, traveled to Cambodia,” the attorneys wrote.

In Cambodia, he paid for sexual behavior with four minors several times. “[It] also accuses Cline of traveling from central Florida to Cambodia while knowingly possessing material depicting the sexual abuse of young children.”

According to an NGO that investigates suspected foreign pedophiles in Cambodia, the families of the three accusers told police that Cline paid them a total of $120 for “several” illegal acts.

A Cambodian court has already ordered Cline, who is technically still a lawyer but is disqualified from practicing because of the criminal charges, to pay 15 million riel (about $3,750) to each of the girls, who were all under 15 years old.

According to an NGO that investigates suspected foreign pedophiles in Cambodia, victims told police after the alleged assaults that Cline, who was seen training here in Florida, paid them a total of $120 for the alleged and illegal assaults.

Cline, who is serving a two-and-a-half sentence for sexually abusing three girls in Cambodia, has been deported until his next federal trial this year or next and is also prohibited from using the Internet or minors.

In addition to the restitution payments, Cline, who pleaded guilty to his crimes in a Cambodian court, was ordered to pay an additional one-time payment, set by the court at $200.

His pending trial in the United States follows a years-long investigation by agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which prosecutors said in a Monday news release was assisted by the State Department and the Cambodian National Police.

Assistant US Attorney Ilyssa M. Spergel has now prosecuted the case – and Cline has decided to plead not guilty to all charges this time.

As a result of the order, the lawyer is fighting allegations that he carried images of “sexual conduct” involving an unnamed youth and another child under the age of 12 in Cambodia in February 2019.

The indictment also states that three times in February and then again on the 10 On May 17 and 17, 2019, Cline “engaged in unlawful sexual conduct” with two minors each day.

Finally, after four years of consideration and international cooperation, the case was presented because factors such as poverty and poor law enforcement have made Cambodia a real breeding ground for foreign pederastas.

Science says that children born to curvy women are more intelligent.

The amazing thing is that our bodies can help shape our children’s brains. New research gives us even more reason to celebrate and appreciate all body types. It turns out curvier women are more likely to have smarter kids, and we found out why.

Body fat can provide important nutrients.

Most scientists agree that genetic and external factors work together in complex ways to shape intelligence. However, things like prenatal care, the mother’s diet, and the general environment in which a child grows up greatly affect a child’s intellectual development and cognitive abilities.

But a new study has found a link between women’s looks and their children’s intelligence. It’s really interesting to think about how our bodies can affect the growth of children’s brains. It’s like knowing a lot of new things that we didn’t think about before.

In a study conducted by University of Pittsburgh professor Will Lassek and his team, they found an interesting relationship between certain parts of a woman’s body and how babies learn intelligence through breastfeeding. These areas are often referred to as “fat banks”, including the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Although experts are clear that they don’t think obesity is healthy, they say excess body fat can provide important nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, that are beneficial for fetal brain development.

The smarter the child, the fatter he is.

Professor Will Lassek says fat in these areas helps build a baby’s brain. “A lot of fat is needed to build the nervous system, and the fats in these areas have a lot of DHA, which is a very important part of the brain.

Lassek went on to say that women developed ways to store and store these “fats” until childbirth. So when a woman breastfeeds, these fats, called “brain-building, maternal lipids,” are released from the body. It makes a woman lose weight. “It seems that women have evolved to store these fats and keep them until the baby is born.”

Professor Bainbridge, a reproductive biologist at the University of Cambridge, says that most of the fat in breast milk, which helps build the brain, comes from the mother’s legs and buttocks.

He also says, “Women with larger thighs have higher levels of these lipids, and there is evidence that they and their children may be more intelligent because of it.”

Considering all body types

Self-criticism and concern about appearance are common problems faced by women in today’s society. One thing that gets a lot of attention is the distribution of fat on a woman’s body, especially around the hips.

Understanding and accepting that women tend to carry more weight on their hips is an important part of enjoying and accepting women’s body shapes and sizes. From a historical and biological perspective, women’s bodies grew this way for reasons we’ve already discussed.

By understanding the biological and evolutionary causes of this trait, we can combat society’s narrow beauty standards for women’s bodies. Women can build body positivity, self-acceptance and empowerment when society embraces and values the natural differences in their bodies.

All types of women are beautiful. Self-love is essential if we want to accept our bodies. So many famous people, especially curvy ones, talk about body acceptance to encourage everyone to love themselves.

Prison tattoos apparently have surprising meanings

In many countries, prisoners have a long history of receiving tattoos, often with meanings associated with crimes.

Prison tattoos are everywhere these days, many of them are becoming “mainstream” and regular people have them too.

People often don’t understand the deep meaning or story behind it, and when you read this, you realize that maybe it’s better that way.

So grab a comfy pillow, sit back and check out these 40 amazing tattoos and their meanings!

  • barbed wire

It’s easy to think that a barbed wire tattoo represents breaking free from a prison wire fence or something. But the thorns actually represent the number of years a person has been in prison.

A barbed wire tattoo can also symbolize a person’s strength to overcome a traumatic event. Tattoos became popular among prisoners of war during World War II and slowly made their way into the underworld.

  • Acab

Have you ever had a bad encounter with the police? Well, the prisoner with that tattoo. It means “all cops are jerks”. It can also be represented with 1312, which corresponds to the position of the letter in the alphabet.

Prisoners do not always have the utmost respect for law enforcement. It is precisely for this reason that they have found more than one way to represent it in tattoos.

  • five dots

A simple tattoo of five dots indicates that a person has served or is still serving a sentence. The four dots around the midpoint represent the prison walls, and the dots in the middle represent the prisoners trapped within the walls.

Although this simple tattoo is popular and easy to do, it has a strong meaning and is popular among prisoners. Perhaps for these reasons it has become popular.

  • three dots

The three-dot tattoo resembles a kind of Morse code on a prisoner. It means “my crazy life” or “my crazy life”. He indicated that they were probably part of a gang, but did not specify which one.

Members of the Mexican Mafia are big fans of the three-dot tattoo. The Mexican Mafia is primarily made up of two different factions, the Surinos and the Notinos, each of which have created their own symbolic tattoos, but both use the three-dot tattoo.

  • Bolts

Crackdowns on prisoners are often associated with white supremacist groups. The bolt is actually a disgusting tattoo if you know what it means. These symbols are often called hate symbols by non-white prisoners.

Lightning is actually the SS, also known as the Nazi paramilitary Schutzstaffel. Prisoners with these tattoos could show other prisoners their racist beliefs.

  • tear

Teardrops are probably the most famous tattoo and one of the most popular among the general public. The face is usually tattooed below one eye and looks like tears are running down the person’s cheek.

It usually means that someone tried to kill or was killed and served time. Tattoos are not as simple as they seem, they have different meanings in different countries.

  • prison break

Jailbreak tattoos are meant to show the attitude and intent of a jailbreak, and it’s not the smartest way to do it, if you ask us. In general, prisoners with escape tattoos are respected by other prisoners.

Over the years, tattoos have taken on different meanings. They highlight the rebellious attitude. Ironically, many of the prisoners’ jailbreak tattoos are actually from the TV series Prison Break.

  • Clowns

Clown face tattoos on prisoners usually have a happy face and a sad face. But don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing funny about them. The prisoners thought they represented the opposite, such as a happy life before and a sad life now.

In Brazil, this tattoo has a completely different meaning. That means you’re a cop killer. It’s not easy for prisoners with clown face tattoos in Brazil, as if prisons weren’t tough enough…

  • Angel Forever, Forever Angel

The phrase “Angels forever, angels forever” is often taken to represent the “Hell’s Angels” gang. AFFA tattoos are popularized on the hands of imprisoned members of the “Hells Angels”.

For some reason they love this tattoo… If non-members get Hells Angels tattoos just because they like it, it wouldn’t be so good if they were caught by actual gang members.

  • fourteen

Like many prison tattoos, the numbers often represent letters of the alphabet. In this example, the fourteenth letter represents the N, used by the band Norteno AKA Latino Kings, which operates mainly in California.

Tattooing often causes fights in prisons because it is hated by white supremacists. These monsters are tattooed with “1488” and take offense when the “Latin King” wears the number 14… World Wide Web

  • Spider web

Spider tattoos, especially on the elbow, indicated that the prisoner was serving a long sentence. Its symbolic meaning is that a prison sentence is like a slowly woven web.

The dark meaning behind this type of tattoo is popular among white supremacists, who are often the targets of the tattoos. But they add that, for some strange reason, you have to kill a rival prisoner to “earn” the honor of getting a tattoo, as if serving a long sentence wasn’t enough.

  • pointed crown

The five-pointed crown is another tattoo associated with the gang. His name is usually that of the California gang “The Latin Kings”, but other gangs like him too. The five-pointed crown was a popular tattoo among prisoners, as all these “kings” were often imprisoned.

The five-pointed crown tattoo symbolizes status rank within the gang. If we look closely at its meaning, it symbolizes loyalty and security and is usually tattooed on the back or neck.

Inexperienced baggage officer stole jet from airport and took off

In 2018, an inexperienced baggage handler working at Washington’s Seattle-Tacoma International Airport stole a plane and took off.

No one knew anyone would steal the plane until 29-year-old Richard Russell brought the plane to the runway and joined the takeoff line after performing a pre-flight inspection without getting caught.

The plane was an Alaska Airlines Bombardier Q400, and when it took off two F-15 fighters were dispatched to intercept.

Airport footage from the day Russell stole the plane showed baggage handlers clearing security early in the day and about five hours later heading to the airport’s cargo area where the baggage handlers were stationed. It had been. He was seen using a tractor to move an Alaska Airlines plane into position while air traffic control picked up the transmission.

Richard Russell managed to get inside the plane by opening the door while driving.

Russell was seen opening the cabin door as the plane rolled forward and the plane moved to board.

Upon boarding the plane, he sent a message saying, “We’re about to take off.” By the time he reached the point, no one could stop him from piloting the plane and he managed to fly it.

But then he texted him, telling him he was “in a pinch” and “trying to fly around.” People tried to convince Russell to return as the airport was blocked and Mr. Russell was flown in.

he replied: “Hey, if I land this safely, do you think the state of Alaska will give me a job as a pilot?”

He also told People, “I’ve played some video games before,” and asked if he could try a backflip on the plane.

Surveillance cameras at the airport captured the moment a baggage handler took off the stolen plane.

A number of runways and landing targets were suggested to Mr. Russell, but Mr. Russell said, “Things could get messed up there,” and “I don’t want to do that.” The 29-year-old told air traffic control he was “just a broken man” with “some screws loose” but “until now I had no idea”.

He said his actions “disappointed” those who knew him, and that he intentionally crashed the plane on the sparsely populated island of Ketron 73 minutes after leaving the airport.

Russell did not survive the crash, and investigators concluded that Russell could have pulled the plane out of the plunge where it eventually crashed if he wanted to.

According to the FBI, he did not have a pilot’s license, but he learned to fly planes while working at the airport.

AI creates the look of the “most attractive man” in every country and sparks debate

If you thought AI was going away soon, think again.

From creating alternate versions of your favorite TV shows to creating entire essays, it seems the smart technology is running out of potential uses.

In fact, it was even used to create the “most attractive person” in each country – sparking heated debates on social media.

Men have classically handsome features like a chiseled chin worthy of Hollywood, a muscular build that would put Chris Hemsworth to shame, and dusty facial hair.

However, smart technology has managed to draw inspiration from each nation – using clothes to show connections to that country’s culture.

  • For North Korea – a surprising list – AI created a warrior with a perfect jaw, clearly hairless unlike the other men.
Mr. North Korea is incredibly clean.

Even weirder is the portrait of an army general on the back.

  • Closer to home, the most “attractive” man in Iceland is a blond man who would easily give the cast of Vikings a run for their money.

Although he is quite similar to the American, his shorter locks and cozy sweater make him stand out.

Looks like Mr. Iceland should be on the Vikings.

  • However, if this were a best-dressed contest, it might have to go to Mexico and the Dominican Republic — their hats don’t let the fact that their shirts are three sizes too small, however.

Naturally, the AI artwork gained a lot of attention online and even sparked a lot of discussion after the images were shared on a Reddit forum.

Mr. Mexico lost his shirt.

  • Many debated what makes a person attractive as high-tech touches chimed in the comments.

“Facial hair should look good if you’re not North Korean,” joked one forum user in the comments.

One wrote, “don’t forget the chiseled chin,” while another said, “Men of Reddit take note: to be attractive, you have to look concerned, sincere, or intense…ideally all three at once.”

Dominican Republic also designed it with a hat.

But not everyone was impressed by the smart technology, and many weren’t impressed by the AI images.

One user even wittily wrote, “Is it just me or does the fact that they all have a very similar head shape make them look the same? It’s like one man with different hair/beard colors and styles.

And the skin tone according to the mood.” We believe that you can’t please everyone.

A bizarre handbag smaller than a grain of salt sells for more than $63,000

You can’t buy sanity with money! A Louis Vuitton-inspired handbag that’s “a grain of salt” is selling for a staggering $63,750 – despite being mercilessly mocked online.

  • High-end fashion brand MSCHF introduced a small bag earlier this month.

  • It measures 657 x 222 x 700 micrometers and requires a microscope to see it.

  • The wallet has now been sold for $63,000 at an auction organized by Pharrell’s company.

A handbag smaller than a grain of salt has sold for more than $63,000 – just two weeks after the high-end fashion brand behind the quirky accessory was mercilessly mocked for its creation.
MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based company, was at the center of a massive social media backlash after it introduced the tiny wallet earlier this month — a wallet so small you need a microscope to properly see its design.

Aptly named the Microscope Case, it measures just 657 x 222 x 700 micrometers, which equates to less than 0.03 inches, and is “narrow enough to fit through the eye of a needle,” according to the brand.

Although many people are bashing the bag online, it has now sold for tens of thousands of dollars in an online auction held by singer Pharrell Williams’ auction house Joopiter on Wednesday, CNN reports.

The identity of the buyer has not been disclosed.

A handbag “smaller than a grain of salt” has sold for more than $63,000 – two weeks after the high-end fashion brand behind the quirky accessory was mercilessly mocked for its creation.

The aptly named microscopic bag measures just 657 x 222 x 700 micrometers, which is less than 0.03 inches, and is “narrow enough to pass through the eye of a needle.”

MSCHF created the neon green bag using a 3D printer and is modeled after Louis Vuitton’s OnTheGo MM bag.

The neon green bag was 3D printed and modeled after Louis Vuitton’s OnTheGo MM bag, which normally costs around $3,100.

MSCHF — the same company behind the much-derided $350 cartoon boots — first announced the launch of the bag via its Instagram account on June 14, writing at the time:

There are big handbags, regular handbags and small handbags. , but this is the last one. a miniaturization of a word in a bag.

“As a once functional object like a handbag becomes smaller and smaller, the status of that object becomes more and more abstract until it is purely a brand.”

MSCHF creative director Kevin Wiesner later explained to New York that after the brand chose the Louis Vuitton bag in question as a musician because the LV logo was still visible on the microscopic 3D print, he admitted that he did not ask Louis Vuitton for permission to use its logo on the wallet, adding:

We are interested in the school “sorry, no permission.”

He explained that it was “born from resin through a two-photon polymerization process,” which is “a kind of 3-D printing”. of microscopic objects.”

“I think the ‘bag’ is a funny thing because it comes from something very functional. But basically it’s become a piece of jewelry,” he said.

He added that the brand was also inspired by Pharrell’s “love” of oddly shaped objects.

The singer recently became head of menswear at Louis Vuitton.

The photo of the microscopic bag garnered more than 75,000 likes and social media was in a frenzy.

MSCHF was at the center of a huge backlash on social media after it launched the small wallet earlier this month.

“Pharrell likes big hats, so we made him a cool bag,” Kevin said.

Despite many people bashing the bag online, it has now sold for tens of thousands of dollars at an online auction by Pharrell Williams’ Joopiter auction house.

When the bag samples arrived at his office months ago, he admitted that the team had lost several of them due to their small size.

As soon as MSCHF shared the details of the strange bag online, it was eagerly trolled on social media.

Instagram and Twitter users were quick to poke fun at the ridiculous nature of the design, and memes quickly started popping up all over the web about it.

“Does it fit under an airplane seat?” one person joked.

Another wrote: “Can I pay for this with microdollars?”

“Finally a bag that holds all my patience,” said someone else.

One user asked: “Does it come with a microscope?”

“Your girl looks for that bag for hours before you even leave the house,” read a fifth comment.

Man asks girlfriend for ‘royalties’ who’s earning up to £7,500 a month on OnlyFans

A stonemason has sparked outrage by demanding that his girlfriend share the proceeds from his OnlyFans business with him.

You might think that people who do work are entitled to the income they earn from that work, but that’s not what this man thinks.

He thinks he should receive a share of the revenue from his girlfriend’s OnlyFans account. OnlyFans puts content behind paywalls and is most commonly associated with adult entertainment.

At first you might think that maybe it’s because he actually appears in some videos. In this case it makes sense.

But no, that’s just his girlfriend’s job. He bases his argument on the principle of “allowing” her to do so. How generous he is A man named Dmitri was persistent, telling the caller, “She is sitting at home sending pictures.

She likes to buy expensive shoes and bags, but I pay for her dinner.”

If you allow it as it is, I think it should be rewarded financially.” Radio host Jackie “O” Henderson questioned the man’s legitimacy.

She said, “You are ‘authorizing’ what you do with someone else’s body, so you have no right to take other people’s money.” That’s her body. “You don’t have the right to say, ‘I’ll allow it.'”

Feeling uncomfortable with your partner responding to her OnlyFans isn’t inherently bad, but it does affect the relationship. may give However, this should always be a matter to be discussed regardless of the economic aspect. Physical independence should never be an issue, especially for a partner.

Boyfriend demanded part of girlfriend’s income.

Demanding compensation for agreeing to work for others has very unpleasant consequences, especially if the work involves sex work.

A caller from the show said, “My problem is the language you use.” If he says he will support his partner in this, which is quite different, they can support each other financially.

You have no right to “allow” her or tell her what to give her. “I feel like you’re more interested in her money and pocket money.”

The man who called had a completely different opinion, even saying it was “disrespectful” to do this kind of work.

He said, ‘She’s your girlfriend and she’s your wife.’ Despite this, it’s still hard for most people to make a living on OnlyFans.

Despite its potentially very high-paying allure, sex work still has a stigma and, unfortunately, it can linger with people long after they leave the industry.

Man ‘robs woman at gunpoint’, then asks her to add him on Facebook to ask her out

The woman claims she was “robbed” at gunpoint by a man who then ordered her to join Facebook and asked her out on a date.

Amber Bellaun said Damien Boyce even offered to pay for her robbery because she was “pretty” and asked her on Facebook if she would “relax” with him.

If you’re trying to ask her out on a date, there might be a better way to get to know her than to rob her at gunpoint and take her money.

This is just an idea, but it’s probably not the best strategy.

On May 8, Amber was checking her mailbox outside her home in Indianapolis when a man approached her and pointed a gun at her.

She said the man demanded to be her friend on Facebook after coercing her into giving her all his fortune, texting her that she was “too pretty to rob” and “relaxing with me.” It is said that he asked.

In an interview with WRTV, Amber recalled, “He took [a gun] out of his pocket to show me what was going on – [he] said let me in.” bottom. I didn’t do that. ”

After Ms. Amber refused to enter her home, she gave the man about $100 in cash, but that wasn’t enough for the suspected criminal. Gun in hand, the shooter claimed to have made connections on Facebook.

Apparently she agreed too.

Well, you wouldn’t say no, would you? “I thought he might quit if I added him to Facebook, but he did,” she explained.

But I kept getting flirtatious messages of her claiming he was getting her revenge on her because he was “cute”.

Her one such message read: It’s a shitty way to meet someone, but damn you were too beautiful to steal him. ”

Amber replied, “I believe you.”

“I know you’re cute, but it’s just been a rough time. “i know that.”

Boyce was charged with robbery at gunpoint and is currently out on bail of $7,500.

He was also arrested on June 12 in connection with another robbery and has also been charged with robbery, illegal possession of a weapon, criminal recklessness and assault.

He allegedly shot two people dead, beat another with a brick, and police allegedly barricaded themselves in the building, eventually surrendering to the SWAT team.

The next message was, “Relax together. I swear, I’m not into that kind of timing.”

This time she replied, “There is her husband.” I know I can’t do this (laughs).

“i wish you all the best.”

She now feels that her home is unsafe after the incident, she said.

“He really tried to steal my stuff from me, but he made me feel unsafe in my own home,” she continued.

“It’s a little disturbing to think that people are going up and down the streets looking for places to commit crimes. “When you hear noise at night, it feels a little different.”

Unexpected Questions by Kids,Adults don’t think about it

It would be exceptionally curiously to see the world through the eyes of a child. They are continuously learning unused things and in some cases come to conclusions that astonish us.

RetCasm collected tweets from parents containing questions that really puzzled their children.

Vera Wang on how she looks so young with the designer who turns 74 tomorrow

Vera Wang opened up about the reason for her youthful appearance and said she hopes to help other women feel “confident” and “comfortable” as they age.

The fashion designer, who turns 74, does not give it a second glance, it seems that she has stopped the clock and regularly shares photos of herself on social networks.

If you remember back to May 2020, you probably remember that Vera went viral after sharing a photo of herself wearing a bright orange blouse, white shorts, and a pair of sunglasses.

Instagram users were amazed by the designer’s svelte physique and flawless skin, with many asking her to reveal the secret location of the ‘Fountain of Youth’.

In 2020, Vera Wang became famous with this photo.

In an interview with People magazine in April, Wang admitted that he was a little surprised by the reaction, but he didn’t underestimate it.

She said, “I’ve been to the Met Gala. I’ve been to the Academy Awards. It’s crazy.

Honestly, when I say to people, ‘I didn’t get it.’ would have happened.” As for her “secret” in her apparent inability to age, she continued, “I think people now have an idea of what 70 is like.”

I have many friends who are between 65 and 70 and they all look great. “But I have to say, I hope this is a good thing.

I hope it makes women feel more confident or assertive, or that women can have a lot of definitions for it.”

Wang explained why she looks so young.

But when pressed on her daily routine, Wang revealed that it’s pretty easy to follow: exercise hard, get enough sleep, enjoy vodka cocktails and avoid the sun to protect her skin.

Listen, I don’t know about you, but I can do three quarters, no problem. Wang continued, “No one believes me when I say this, but work keeps you young.

It keeps your soul young, your spirit young, and your vitality, and I think that affects your body.” Don’t use sunscreen even in good light!

“One of the things I like to do is have a vodka cocktail. There’s no doubt that I do. After five or six, maybe around seven, I’ll have a vodka.”

Biohacker spending $2 million a year to get 18-year-old’s body says ‘I’m not going to die’

A 45-year-old tech mogul is spending $2 million Bryan Johnson, who sold Braintree Venmo, a payment processing technology company, to PayPal a decade ago for $800 million (at the time, £492 million), has dubbed his anti-aging quest “Project Blueprint,” with the goal of biologically becoming 18 once more.

Dr. Oliver Zolman, an anti-aging specialist based in Cambridge, leads his team of over 30 doctors, who closely monitor his blood, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, blood vessels, and sexual health.

They have taken 33,000 seemingly unnecessary pictures of the inside of his guts because: science.

In addition to a very precise 1,977-calorie diet that includes 70 pounds of mushed vegetables per month as well as almond milk, walnuts, flaxseed, and berries—all of which are delicious—his exhausting regimen includes taking 80 supplements of vitamins and minerals every day.

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Johnson claims he gets “sick” just thinking about a burger or a glass of wine. His strict lifestyle also includes exercising for at least an hour every day and going to bed at precisely 8.30 p.m. every night.

He also wears glasses that block blue light, uses a laser to remove sun damage from his skin, “places” the vagus nerve with a clip-on device to control stress, and uses electromagnets to zap his pelvic floor muscles.

The 45-year-old, who describes himself as a “professional rejuvenation athlete” and has been participating in Project Blueprint for two years, asserts that he has the fitness levels and libido of an 18-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the heart of a 37-year-old.

He told us, “I currently have no plans to die,” but I’m sure many of us haven’t written that down either.

In addition to eating a 1,977-calorie diet, Bryan Johnson follows a strenuous regimen that includes taking 80 supplements of vitamins and minerals each day.

Johnson has been called a “narcissist,” a “vampire,” and even compared to Patrick Bateman from American Psycho for carrying out the first “multigenerational blood plasma exchange” last month.

The trial was roused by logical tests on rodents showing that more seasoned rodents were revived by blood implantations from more youthful squeakers.

After that, Johnson gave his 70-year-old father, Richard, plasma.

The biohacker asserts that it is “too early to tell” whether the initial human test was successful.

Bryan Johnson claims that he does not intend to die.

Johnson began Task Outline in the wake of selling his organization, going through a chaotic separation and acquiring 60lb (27kg) on a careful nutritional plan of treats and pizza, which prompted sorrow, self-destructive considerations and vicious emotional episodes.

” He acknowledged, “It took me years to get rid of that internal demon.” We are straightforwardly frantic as an animal categories.

We are dependent on junk food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. Everything that makes us feel bad. We are fighting against ourselves.

If we are unable to live in harmony with our own bodies, how can we hope to save the planet and continue as a species?

Also Read : Guy injecting himself with the blood of his teenage son so he never grow old

Johnson added : I thought, what if I let my body decide how it wants to live? I had taken poor care of myself.

What if data, not feelings, controlled my eating and sleeping habits? The biohacker claims to have already noticed changes in his body.

Bryan Johnson, who has previously discussed his extreme health regimen, disclosed that he has noticed significant improvements in various body parts.

He admitted to the BBC that some parts of his body are older than others, saying, “My left ear is 64, my fitness tests say I’m 18, my heart is 37, and my diaphragm strength is 18.” I playfully say that I’m trying to be 18 years old. I

always make fun of my 17-year-old son by telling him, “When I grow up, I want to be like you.”