Careless People whose Lives Were Ruined by Their Inspiring Social Media Posts

We should all try to be on our best behavior and learn from these people’s mistakes. You ought to constantly remember that your activities have outcomes, particularly on the web. The people in the posts below paid a hefty price for what they did, and social media ruined their entire lives.

  • At the point when Nicole Crowther was an extra on Joy, she tweeted spoilers of the show and essentially finished her vocation in media outlets
  • In the wake of shooting herself flipping kids off, this childcare specialist got demise dangers and landed terminated from her position
  • After writing this review, this irate individual lost her job at Kilroy’s Downtown Indy
  • Cameron Jankowski, a Taco Chime worker was terminated and afterward doxxed by Unknown subsequent to posting a photograph of himself peeing on nachos

  • After posting this , New England Patriots cheerleader Caitlin Davis was fired. After receiving a lot of online criticism as a result of this post
  • Zoo Worker was forced to quit her job and even change her Facebook name.
  • IAC Executive Justine Sacco was terminated after this offensive “joke”
  • Rashard Mendenhall lost all of his endorsements after tweeting about Bin Laden’s death and eventually retired

  • After posting the homophobic tweet “heydamo,” sportscaster Damian Goddard lost his job in Toronto.
  • After they discovered Samuel Crisp’s rants about Apple products on his Facebook account Kai Hendry
  • This Tweet cost Gilbert Gottfried a voice acting job

  • Golden Baldet working for John Edwards
  • Things that can lead to your dismissal: Taking on the appearance of a Boston Long distance race casualty for halloween. That was a hard lesson for Alicia Ann Lynch.
  • A pastor and a high-ranking crossfit employee were fired as a result of this homophobic tweet, ChrisDStedman
  • A racist social media post cost a Colorado math teacher her job.

  • CNN Host Reza Aslan Was Terminated In the wake of Considering Trump A “Piece Of Sh*t” On Twitter

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