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Boyfriend’s Loyalty Test Failed With Twist

The most important thing in a relationship is trust and loyalty. And the hardest thing is that It takes a hell lot of time to gain it but just seconds to break it. if there’s trust in a relationship then it will make them strong to fight for all the difficulties that come in their way. But the story of this girlfriend and boyfriend ended just because of the suspicion and lack of trust. Alysha Bush and Kourbine Lee’s long-distance relationship ended just because there was no trust and Alysha always suspected her boyfriend.

Alysha Bush, 23-year-old, told to her boyfriend that she going to Vegas with Kourbine and his family and friends. She was already sceptical about him that he is probably cheating on her and her doubt increased after this incident. Then she thought of a wonderful plan to get to the roots of the thing and to test his loyalty and hired her friend Paula Contento who also used to go to the gym with her to seduce Kourbine Lee and see to it that is he the right person for Alysha.

Paula came to Alysha and reported that she was successful in her work. She immediately broke up with Kourbine. Sometime after their break up, they looked in Second Chance, Snapchat’s relationship show. Alysha wanted Kourbine to accept that he was cheating on her. Paula also appeared on the show and said, “I didn’t think that she deserved you, so I lied. Clearly, she doesn’t value the honest, amazing man that you are. I thought, you know, maybe I have a chance.”

Even though it was apparent that Paula was the one who did mistake and because of her their relationship finished but most importantly it was trust that lacked between this girlfriend on boyfriend’s loyalty. and that headed to the breaking up of their relationship.

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