Boy,11 was burned to death and locked in a shed “after being doused in petrol.”

Boy,11 was burned to death and locked in a shed “after being doused in petrol.” after he was gone after by youngsters desirous of his judo achievements.

  • Kid consumed to death in the wake of being secured in shed, Russian specialists affirm

A 11-year-old judo star was singed alive after he was ‘drenched in petroleum’ and secured in a shed that was set ablaze by ‘desirous’ more seasoned kids.

After a fight on Friday, Albert Umbetyarov was forced into a shed in the woods of the Dubovaya Roschcha area of Moscow.

This was confirmed by Russian investigators. Argumenti was informed by a witness that the attackers “used bats to beat him almost unconscious” before “dousing him in petrol” and locking him in a shed that they set on fire.

The horrifying incident was reportedly captured on camera by a group of girls who uploaded and streamed the footage online.

The attackers reportedly ranged in age from 13 to 15.

According to one additional witness, Albert was targeted “out of envy” because he was a successful Judo athlete who “was doing better than them.”

Boy,11 was burned to death and locked in a shed
An observer of the fire addressed nearby media about the horrendous scene in the Moscow locale
Boy,11 was burned to death and locked in a shed
Picture shows the crime location in Ramenskoye, Moscow area, where the kid was gone after

A nearby told media after the assault that ‘there was a battle… one of the more youthful youngsters who saw it said that the casualty was beaten at his knees so he was unable to run, or even walk’.

One of the young men in the gathering took off as the more established kids went after Albert. Then, younger children as young as six and seven who were playing nearby were said to have fled to adults for assistance.

According to the friend’s father, his son left the scene prior to the horror and returned later to find Albert dead from fire.

Alexey, the father, stated, “He called me in tears at seven o’clock.” He told me: ‘ My companion consumed to death in the shed’. I visited there. I saw the flares.

There was nobody to be safeguarded at that point.’ He claimed that shovel-wielding men had attempted to escape the blaze and save the child but had arrived too late.

The kid’s judo trainer, Alexander Tvanba, said Albert was ‘shrewd and extremely serene, he wouldn’t insult a fly.

He was exceptionally diligent, and never had any issues. He won a number of contests.’ He stated that he thought Albert would have been unconscious and that, if he had been awake, he would have been strong enough to force his way out.

The Russian Insightful Board said: ‘ During a fight on May 19, 2023, children locked a boy inside a shed, locked the shed from the outside, and nailed the door shut.

Then a fire broke out. Initial findings indicate that the fire broke out within the shed. Children demanded assistance when they were unable to open the door.

The boy’s body was discovered inside the burned shed when help arrived. The head of the committee, Alexander Bastrykin, stated this month that a “general rise in crime is underway” in Russia.

Boy,11 was burned to death and locked in a shed
Young judo star Albert Umbetyarov, 11, was burned to death after being “doused with gasoline” and nailed inside a shed by other children in Ramenskoye, Moscow Region.
Boy,11 was burned to death and locked in a shed
Russian authorities inspect the shed’s remains after Albert was burned to death.

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