Bear Grylls Looks Unrecognisable After Suffering A Deadly Allergic Reaction To Bee Sting

Bear Grylls was as of late in news for his wild venture with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where individuals got the chance to see the obscure side of PM Modi as he wandered into the Indian wild to make mindfulness about creature protection and ecological change.

Presently, Bear Grylls is in news by and by for his new show ‘Fortune Island’ and how he got thumped out by a honey bee sting, while at the same time taping it.

45-year-old Grylls is known to be a definitive survival master. There’s actually nothing this man can’t handle in the wilderness…except for honey bees since he is oversensitive to honey bee stings. Also, that is actually what landed him in a hazardous circumstance with an unrecognizable swollen face.

Regardless of getting stung by a honey bee, Grylls kept on keeping the cameras rolling. Understanding the gravity of the circumstance, his team and the specialists accessible at the shoot raced to him and treated him. As per reports, Mano Shanmuganathan (a competitor on the show) stated, “The incongruity of Bear the survivalist being stung, having the capability of a hypersensitive response, and waiting be treated with an EpiPen, was a peculiar minute.”

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