A mother was horrified to find her child’s face scratched after picking him up from daycare

One mother was stunned when she picked up her son from nursery school to find more than 20 bloodstains on his face.

7NEWS reports Box Hill’s mother broke down in tears remembering the moment she picked up her 10-month-old Noah from Only About Children Melbourne Central last month.

Her staff told her mother that her child’s face was bloody because of an accident in which another toddler unknowingly scratched her face during a routine diaper change. said.

“We [she and her children’s father] were both in tears. We couldn’t believe something so horrible had happened to our son,” she said through her interpreter. told the press. The parents brought the child in from the hospital, but the doctors couldn’t believe the child had been so badly scratched at daycare.

Doctors confirmed there was no damage to his eyes or brain.

Luckily, doctors told his parents that Noah’s wounds would heal quickly and leave no scars.

“I feel a lot of pain in my heart. I don’t even want to click the picture [of Noah’s scarred face],” said Rachel. Rachel told 9News that nursery officials claimed Noah’s injuries were an accident, but her husband suspected child abuse.

“They explained that this happened by mistake, but we cannot accept that explanation,” she said.

“Noah had more than 20 scars on his face. How could this happen by chance?”

“My husband says it was never an accident. It was child abuse.”

The family received a letter of apology from the nursery school. However, Rachel also demands her compensation.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Education was also briefed on the incident, telling 9News that “steps are being taken to address this incident, including reviewing diaper changing procedures to include additional educators at this time.” said. It added that the department “takes the safety and well-being of all children very seriously.”

Since then, the photo of the baby’s face has gone viral and surprised many users.

One Facebook user wrote, “How can you care for a toddler and a 10-week-old in the same area?” From my childcare work years ago to family experiences, they are put in the same room in the wrong place once they move. ”

Another said, “Okay, only one of the other kids can do it with the right treatment, but one baby and many others just don’t get it…” I was.

On the other hand, a third said, “It’s so heartbreaking!” So traumatic for us mothers! ”

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