A man has been charged after being tasered by police who shot and killed his two dogs.

A man has been charged after being tasered by police who shot and killed his two dogs. After a suspect was tasered and two dogs were shot in Tower Hamlets, the Met Police defended their officers, saying that it is “never an easy decision to take.”

On Monday, 46-year-old Louie Turnbull was detained in Tower Hamlets, London. Frightened observers in the pads close by could be heard shouting as the primary creature was shot, with one arguing: ” Exactly why did you kill the dog? The police claim that the dogs became aggressive after an earlier attack on a woman.

The moment two dogs are killed by police in London after a woman attacked
The officers shot the animals. The Met Police confirmed this evening that the man has been charged with dangerous dog offenses.

The following was stated: Louie Turnbull, 46 of no decent location was charged on Tuesday, 9 May with: – Being the individual/proprietor of a canine that was perilously wild;- Being under lock and key/care of a canine while precluded from buying or keeping a canine. ” On the same day, Turnbull made an appearance in custody at Thames Magistrates’ Court.

The outcome of this court appearance is something we await. The charges follow a call to police soon after 17:00hrs on Sunday, 7 May, to reports of a lady being gone after by a canine in Business Street, E14.

Witnesses described their shock at witnessing the altercation

The circumstance in Limehouse immediately created and a police taser was conveyed

“Officials found a lady who detailed two canines had gone after her canine. ” During the incident, she had also been hurt in the leg. She did not require treatment at the hospital. At the scene, police destroyed both dogs.

At the scene, the dog owner was taken into custody. Police Taser was released. He was taken into custody and later accused of the aforementioned crime.” The incident has been thoroughly examined by the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards, which took into account all of the body worn footage that was available. They are satisfied that there are no concerns regarding officer conduct.”

The woman of 25 years old stated: It seemed out of proportion. It is beyond comprehension. It was so surprising. It wasn’t until the dogs were completely spread out on the ground that I realized it was a legitimate gun. There was blood emerging from them. ” That is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. In America, you hear about these things happening, but not here. No matter what had transpired, it should not have ended this way. “It’s disgusting” and “we’re not in America” were some of the other neighbors’ yells.

On Sunday, a Met Police spokesperson stated: On Sunday, May 7, just after 17:00, a woman was attacked by a dog in Commercial Road, and police were called. “The aggressive behavior of two dogs was of considerable concern and posed a significant threat to them, so officers went to the location.” In connection with the incident, a man was arrested on charges of assault and having a dog that was dangerously out of control. He is currently being held by the police. Police used a Taser to disarm the suspect. No one was transported to the hospital. Police destroyed both dogs on the spot.

This is never a simple choice for any official to take, however police have an obligation to act where important before any further injury is caused. ” The incident’s circumstances will be investigated by the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards.

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