8 People Who Can Make Bill Gates Look Poor!

Hello Guys! Welcome back to Retcasm. Today we’re going to be looking at eight people who make Bill Gates look poor. We all know those lists of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates always ranks number one with a net worth of 80 billion dollars. But for reasons like secrecy or criminality, Forbes don’t publish a lot of people! So here are the actual richest people in the world.

1. PABLO ESCOBAR ($155 Billion )

If you’ve seen the Netflix show ‘Narcos’ you’ll know who Pablo Escobar is. He used to run the world’s biggest cartel and at one point is believed to have been the richest man on earth. Of course thanks to his criminality, he wasn’t included on any Forbes lists, but he did have dozens of planes, mansions and boats. He even had a zoo and Airport in one of his houses and he spent $2500 a month just on rubber bands to keep his money.

At his peak he was making 66 million dollars a day, but will always give away % to his local community which is why he was called Robin Hood. One winter when it was cold, he even burned two million dollars in cash on a fire to keep his daughter warm at the time. His net worth was a hundred and fifty five billion making him the world’s richest man at that time.

2. KIM JONG-UN ($170 Billion)

This one may come as a surprise to a lot of you . We think of North Korean people as poor and starving because well they are, but that’s not to say their leader is a fair man. Despite his country being so poor Kim Jong-Un is super rich. Kim Jong-Un and his family owned almost everything in the country and his estimated his assets are over a hundred and seventy billion dollars.

He spends thousands of dollars everyday on liquor, cheese and designer cigarettes. He has his own mansion, yacht ski resort, Airport, golf courses, race horse tracks and hundreds more things at his disposal that he buys with North Korean money. The reason why he’s not on Forbes lists is because most of North Korea’s GDP comes from illegal things like black market trading and Cyber-Crime. In 2017, Kim apparently bought a collection of over 20,000 movies including Rambo and Godzilla hmm for a guy who hates America he sure loves Hollywood.

3. VLADIMIR PUTIN ($200 Billion)

Here is the richest man on the planet right now! He doesn’t appear on the Forbes rich list but he is number one on the Forbes ‘Most Powerful People’ list and with great power often comes great wealth as we’ve already seen on this list. While Bill Gates his 80 billion dollars is a large amount it’s nothing compared to Putin’s 200 billion dollars. Putin claims to have far less than this, but it was leaked he has billions stored away in Panamanian bank accounts. He has million dollar watch collections, yachts and mansions so this really isn’t a surprise and thanks to all the Russian oligarchs paying Putin a ton of money. It’s clear he has far more than the mere two billion he claims to have. So not only is Putin the world’s most powerful person he’s also the world’s richest.

4. ALI ABDULLAH SALEH ($126 Billion)

Here’s another rich middle eastern politician. He was the president of Yemen for three decades obviously manipulating many polls. He was also removed from power in 2011, but this didn’t stop him collecting billions to add to his personal fortune. Ali was known for his money and for his women which he also reportedly paid to spend time with. He’s estimated to have a hundred and twenty six billion dollars stashed away in secret bank accounts. This of course makes the former prime minister of this poor country filthy stinking rich.

5. HOUSE OF SAUD ($2-2.4 Trillion)

We still haven’t got to the richest person in the world, but what we have looked at is the world’s second richest family. Well here is the world’s richest family ‘the House of Saud’. This is the royal family of Saudi Arabia which is known for being crazy rich, thanks to all of its oil and gas. As you may know oil is crazy expensive just think about the last time you had to fill up your car. Well that times millions for a few barrels of the stuff is going into this family’s pockets.

 6. BASHAR AL-ASSAD ($122 Billion)

This is probably the most controversial politician right now. Assad is the dictator of Syria and aside from causing a giant global issue surrounding Syria, he has also used the country like a piggy bank. He claims to only be worth . 1.5 billion, but this is very wrong and he only says this so it looks like he steals less. He’s more likely worth $122 billion according to expert sources. Of course he has this money hidden away in secret bank accounts in countries like Panama, but it’s safe to say this is yet another dictator of a poor country living the rich life.

7. ROTHSCHILDS ($2 Trillion)

Now this is not a person, but a family. But don’t worry many members of this family are far richer than Bill Gates. The family are known for their insane secrecy which has led to a lot of conspiracies about them. Some say they’re responsible for planning every historical event in order to make money. There are some evidence to support this such as them funding many political activities all around the world. And they do hold a secret meeting called the ‘Bilderberg’ meeting each year where they plan secret ways to make tons of money. The family’s net worth is said to be over two trillion dollars, but believe it or not there are only the second richest family in the world.

8. MANSA MUSA ($400 Trillion)

So we’ve just covered the richest man in the world right now, but we’re not done that’s right! There’s one more now this guy isn’t alive anymore, but he is the richest person of time ever. He had a net worth of over 400 trillion dollars, but you’ve likely never heard of him he was the sultan of the west African empire which was massive. As a result he pretty much owned the entire of West Africa which has a lot of land and resources. Sultan’s were also treated like kings.

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