8 Half-witted People who are the Reason the Word “Dumb” was Invented

In our daily life, We all get to meet a bunch of people and they all are a wholly different kind. With some of them, we find quite interesting to talk to some of them and others are just completely dumb. And guess what their dumbness not only shows in their communications but also in their body language. So, here are some such classic examples of dumbness.

1. Ohh boy…LOL

2. Let the world know about your mistake so that they can learn from you.

3. When you read it…ROFL

4. Wtf! Lady lying down in the middle of a motorway during M62 traffic jam”

5. Models are Crazy to get attention!

6. wtf..ROFL

7. That comment…LOL…Destruction 100%

8. An outstanding placement.

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