72 of the strangest people ever seen on the subway

Do you commute to and from work by subway? After seeing this bizarre group of people who were captured on various subways, tubes, and undergrounds around the world, you might want to consider walking instead. This collection of photographs, compiled by RetCasm, reminds us that no matter how interesting life can be above ground, nothing compares to what you’ll find if you’re brave enough to venture beneath the city, from men dressed as sharks, foxes, the abominable snowman, and even Napoleon Bonaparte. There may be affiliate links in this post.

  • Man Spent His Metro Ride Playing His Violin For A Child Since It Was Crying

  • Simply A Young lady And Her Raven On The Metro

  • While In A Berlin Metro The Text On The Pack Peruses: ” This Text Has No Other Reason Than To Panic The people Who Fear The Arabic Language.”

  • Crap Just Got Genuinely On The Tram
  • Meanwhile On Subway

  • Therefore I Don’t Ride Public Transportation
  • Bring Your Hamster to Work Day

  • Dogs Are Not Permitted On New York City Tram Except if They’re In A Transporter… So This Happened
  • So I Think I Sat In The Train With Gandalf/Magneto

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