56 Funny Tinder Profiles That Will Make You Take A Second Look

As you may have noticed, everything is online these days. From shopping to messaging to finding the love of your life, it’s all just a click away. All of this is very convenient, and with so many choices and internet users, it’s very hard to come across anything memorable, especially in hopes of attracting your potential significant other.

The most important thing you can do to stand out from Tinder’s dating crowd is to skillfully sell or promote your dating profile. People who swipe away on dating apps know that there are plenty of other and fun profiles to choose from, so it’s hard to get their attention. Extreme times require extreme measures. RetCasm has compiled an interesting Tinder bio. Their authors definitely stand out and prove that people can take their humor and creativity to the next level, even if it’s just a little bit more likely to fuck. From embracing disability to poetically demeaning their names, these people are great teachers on how to bring out the best in themselves with the help of fun Tinder profiles. Scroll down and vote for who you think has the best Tinder profile!

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