50 Times People tried to Swap their Baby’s Face and immediately Regretted it

There’s nothing wrong with having a “baby face,” but these folks have just taken the idea to a gimmicky new level.

The practice of digitally rendering one’s face onto someone else’s (or vice versa) has slowly taken the world by storm. People can now do these hilarious face swaps as easily as taking a selfie, resulting in some chilling hilarious photos from time to time…but the cute faces of little babies Nothing haunts our dreams more than a grown-up face superimposed on a face. Not all of these unforgettable baby photos were taken using Snapchat, but each one is just as whimsical. It serves as a reminder that some people should not be given modern technology under any circumstances. At your own risk, scroll down to see the weirdest photos and let us know if you laughed or writhed in your seat.

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