50 Comics With Hilarious Twists By VeryCereals

Comics are a quick and simple way to laugh, and we are fortunate to have talented creators from all over the world who continue to provide us with new and original humor. The VeryCereals comics by Mohamed El Mayati are definitely worth reading.

Everything you might require to maintain a bright smile throughout the day can be found here: savage comics infused with dark humor, geeky cartoons that pop culture lovers and gamers will appreciate, more random, but hilarious stuff, relatable real-life situations with funny twists, and funny insights about life. The subject matter and style of the comics are difficult to classify, but the artist’s curiosity and inventive explorations provide us with unexpected content twice a week, which is what we need to keep us entertained! I can assure you that there is at least one comic in this gallery that will appeal to everyone, regardless of their particular sense of humor.

Over a year ago, VeryCereals began posting comics to Instagram, where he now has 10,000 followers. If you enjoy these comics, please follow the creator to get a daily laugh!

RetCasm reached out to the original creator and talented artist behind VeryCereals to learn more about his comics. We are pleased to exclusively share Mayati’s words with you. Although Mayati is of Moroccan descent, he was born and raised in Germany. He is currently pursuing a degree in computer science, so we were interested to learn how he came to be interested in comics and art. Warning: This is a spoiler: The road was bumpy.

“Art was never a big deal in my family, and it still isn’t. However, over the past ten years, it has become an important part of my life. Like I did about the crush I had in second grade, I think about it every day. In most situations, I was the worst at drawing. I even had to take sixth grade all over again because my art report card gave me a 6, which is the worst grade in Germany. I was amazed at how well my older brothers could draw characters from anime shows like Dragonball Z’s Goku and Pokemon. My efforts were not very successful. I suppose that was my first and last encounter with art in several years.”

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