5 Style Hacks That’ll Easily Hide Your Man Boobs

Almost like a synonym of embarrassment, unfortunately — man boobs exist on a lot of chests. Reasons could be plenty: an unhealthy lifestyle, an excess intake of the wrong edibles and well, even Gynecomastia.

But these are just facts, another harsh reality also persists — it’s nothing that you need to show off.

But while you’re on your way to try and eliminate them (through a planned workout regime or surgical removal), you can rather try and conceal them in public. These style hacks below, will take you a long mile in this aspect:

1. Ever Spotted Compression T-shirts On Anyone?

Also known as a go-to apparel move for gym buffs — compression T-shirts are form-fitting pieces that literally fit like second skin; they stick to your body. Result? For workout freaks, they provide support, flexion and reduces the risk of injuries and for men with man boobs, it flattens the surface to boost your self-confidence (in case you’re conscious of your man boobs). Compression T-shirts are a concealing layer for your unwanted chest bumps. 

2. More The Layers, The Better.

While we’d recommend layering up, come what may, in summers — it does become a little impossible. However, you can find an alternative anyway. Instead of hopping on a jacket, throw on shirts in thick materials onto your T-shirt of choice (your T-shirt’s your primary layer). Think woven fabrics, padded materials to a great concealing experience.

3. When Wearing Prints, Opt For Minimal Contrast.

In general, prints are a great way to hide your man boobs. But if you think big, gigantic prints will do the trick, think twice — its going to make your chest region appear bigger. Instead, turn to smaller prints to try and flatten the surface around your chest.

4. When Going All-Solid, Wear Darker Colours.

It’s a given: lighter hues and tones put any body flaws on display (at least better than a dark-toned shirt). So, if you’re planning on going all-solid in life, turn to dark coloured or neutral hues (blues, dark greys, black etc). Try this for maximal results.  

5. In General, Contrast Is Your Enemy. Stay Away From It.

By offering lesser colour-contrast to the eyes, you’re going to keep the attention away from what you’re wearing on top. People would give it a look once and then, look away; they wouldn’t give it a long glance. So, stick to minimal or no contrast in your choice of shirts/T-shirts for a splendid man-boob concealing exercise.

Plus, don’t break your body up using contrast. Give the eye a linear view, to ensure people ignore the aspect of having man boobs.

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