30 People Share Their Puberty Glow-Up Photos In Viral TikTok Challenge

Everyone is born with their own versions of beauty, okay? We’re not saying anything, but we have to admit that not everyone was born to fit the standards of a “cute” child. We are all aware that not all of the adults intended for us to be called cute. We all know that we need to mature, so no one was particularly concerned. We still had time for our features to develop and hopefully conform to a higher standard of beauty.

Many kids are excited about puberty because of this. The time has come. Boys’ voices become deeper, girls’ bodies develop curves, and generally, people expect us to mature into the image we’ll live with for the rest of our lives during puberty. Before, during, and after puberty, people go through a wide range of mental and physical changes.

Take a look at famous people like Alfred Enoch and Matthew Lewis. After watching them as children all those years ago, it was so surprising to see how they developed. It turns out that non-celebrities like us, who don’t have access to Hollywood’s best, experience similar things as well.

The question “How hard did puberty hit you?” became a TikTok trend. We are witnessing the wonders of puberty. Keep scrolling to see how all of these people changed as they got older.

1. Her gorgeous eyes really stood out more as she got older

2. Definitely looking forward to gorgeous purple hair.

3. She finally became herself, and it’s beautiful

4. From a nice kid to a bad boy

5. From a typical child to a romantic poet

6. We hope the dog had a great time flying

7. A beard and some hair can sometimes completely transform a person

8. Such a cute girl, and the second picture makes her look so mysterious.

9. He got a great jawline from puberty

10. Beautiful in both images, especially with her hair!

11. chillin’ and such Another award for puberty as well!

12. We love how self-assured she looks when she smiles in both pictures

13. We believe that less puberty and more hard work.

14. Amazing and inspirational transformation

15. A flash of light to be proud

16. Both this girl’s strength and her puberty are amazing

17. Love how her confidence grew as she got older

18. What an enduring beauty

19, We adore the fact that she never lost that spark for creativity in her

20. This is evidence of how much kids can change in such a short amount of time.

21. She certainly appears to be in excellent health

22. She did very well as a child

23. Similar to a hour Benjamin Button transformation.

24. Wow, is this the same child at all?

25 A queen of beauty in both photographs

26, In both the before and after pictures, it looks so pretty.

27. They appear to be starring in a 90’s style coming-of-age film in the glow up picture.

28. Life can also be kind, and we should all keep that in mind in verses

29. Indeed, a remarkable transformation,

30. A great hairdo and clothes that fit well can do wonders for someone’s appearance.

Puberty truly blessed these individuals, but we must also acknowledge that a great deal of hard work was put into these transformations.

You know, sometimes you have to help puberty move along so you can get the best results? You are still beautiful in your own way, regardless of whether you were hard pushed into puberty or not. What’s the point of puberty?

Send us your very own glow-up!

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