30 Funny Stock Photos That Are Completely Baffling

Stock photograph sites are both a gift and a revile. When you realize how to utilize them, these photograph databases are awesome assets loaded up with pictures that help delineate indicates and bring words life. Without the correct inquiry terms, however, all you’re regularly going to discover on stock locales are insane feline pictures, confusing Photoshop employments, and stand-out couplings. Thus, we’ve gathered together some entertaining stock photographs that are as confusing as they are splendid.

1. This high roller with a penchant for vitamin D

Funny Stock Photos

Nothing says “Don’t mess with me” like a loaded gun next to a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk.

2. This young Scrooge who’s turning her Christmas tree into a political statement

Funny Stock Photos

‘Tis the season to… destroy the planet?

3. This “comic bearded man” hugging his feathered new friend

Funny Stock Photos

All I need in this life of sin is a cigar and a chicken.

4. This patient with a fully painted face

Funny Stock Photos

Stock photos are all about representing people of all walks of life—mimes included. Whether performers actually wear their faces to the dentist, though, is up for debate. (Any mimes care to weigh in?)

5. This confusing abomination

Funny Stock Photos

If creating weird stock photos was an Olympic sport, then the mastermind behind this one would probably win a gold medal. Seriously, though, what was going through this person’s mind when they decided to put a dog’s head on a tree frog’s body?

6. This happy couple


She said yes!

7. This confused oarswoman

Funny Stock Photos

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the… train tracks?

8. This businesswoman who’s ignoring the (literal) elephant in the room

Funny Stock Photos

New LinkedIn profile picture? If anything, the giant elephant in the background will encourage recruiters to reach out and ask questions.

9. This terrifying afternoon snack


Rusty nails on a slice of white bread. What a classic combo!

10. This man with questionable priorities

Funny Stock Photos

Why would you need an umbrella when you’re already submerged in water? Also, if you’re about to freeze to death in a frigid lake, should your priority really be petting a dog?

11. These cats who are big Leo DiCaprio fans


Say what you will about this confusing and weird stock photo, but the creator of it really has the details down pat. The cat pretending to be Rose is even wearing the signature Titanic Heart of the Ocean necklace!

12. This office worker who’s using a funny stock photo in a funny stock photo

Funny Stock Photos

Next time, this guy might want to try hiding behind a photo of his face that isn’t framed.

13. This hostage who’s a little too happy about being at gunpoint

Funny Stock Photos

Naturally, this businessman’s reaction upon being kidnapped and held at both knifepoint and gunpoint is to smile. Makes sense.

14. This corn-loving cyber woman

Funny Stock Photos

According to Shutterstock, cyber humans are big fans of corn on the cob!

15. This victim with a penchant for OJ

Funny Stock Photos

Apparently this woman’s last wish before she was choked to death was to have a thirst-quenching glass of orange juice. Weird request, but OK.

16. This man who thinks the office is Sparta

Funny Stock Photos

This is not what Vogue meant when they said that you should start wearing more power outfits.

17. This boy who really loves his cactus

Funny Stock Photos

Do cacti even have a smell?

18. This environmentalist who’s taking “treehugger” to a whole new level


We will give this man credit where credit’s due: Though he’s weird, at least he does seem to care about the environment!

19. This man who can’t be bothered to use a fork

Funny Stock Photos

There is literally a fork sitting on this plate of spaghetti—and yet, this (puzzlingly shirtless) man would prefer to just eat his pasta by the handful.

20. This man practicing yoga in questionable attire


Nothing soothes the soul and eases the mind quite like practicing yoga in a creepy basement while wearing bubble wrap.

21. This scientist who’s having way too much fun with her skeleton


Apparently, working in the lab can get very lonely.

22. This confused cook

Funny Stock Photos

In what context would someone need this bizarre stock photo of a young woman with a pot over her head?

23. This conniving employee at the car wash


If this is the look that the car wash employee is giving you while he cleans your car, then you should probably just call an Uber home and start shopping for a new vehicle.

24. This woman eating cupcakes in the street

Funny Stock Photos

Waste not, want not!

25. This plane passenger in an unusual mask

Funny Stock Photos

What, you’ve never seen a unicorn fly commercial before?

26. This businessman who’s working from the washroom


Can’t call it a bathroom break if you’re still working in the washroom!

27. This musician whose instrument of choice is a keyboard


While most kids in middle school were learning how to play the cello or violin, this class clown was mastering the art of the keyboard.

28. This man whose safety gear is made out of fruit

Funny Stock Photos

He may be dressed like a Wright brother, but everything else about this watermelon fan is seriously wrong.

29. This questionable love affair

Funny Stock Photos

Perhaps the most puzzling thing about this photo is the fact that the mannequin head has glasses. Does she… does she need them?

30. This slimy kiss

Funny Stock Photos

Suddenly the man-and-mannequin love affair doesn’t seem all that weird. Funny stock photos never cease to amaze us.


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