30 Funny Pictures of County Fairs

Diverting Pic Dump from State and Province Fairs It’s the season for state and district fairs across past U.S.A.

Mmm… Clogged arteries in a flash.


How would you hold back from sneaking off a recreation area seat? ANSWER:

That thoroughly merits a Blue Strip without a doubt!

Perhaps too much tilt-a-whirl?

Well that is fitting.

“Explain Your Udders to Me.”

Try the butter that has been deep-fried…

What to Wear to the County Fair

Not this time. I’m to a greater degree a pan fried Tang sort of fellow.

After a ride on the Wedgie-Go-Round.

The standard burger for rednecks.

Here, there is no issue with copyright infringement or licensing.

Take it on. You just live once.

Nothing beats watching a kid-friendly goat race in the heat of summer.

I’m too afraid to ask about a diaper and a bowling pin.

Just in case you get diabetes while you’re at the fair, here are some surprises—no prizes!

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