30 comics that are very offensive but people who like dark humor will like them.

I am aware that laughing at these will send me to hell.

Some people don’t enjoy dark humor. We are easily offended in our little snowflake world by things that are only meant to be funny. Although it is understandable that some people may find it offensive, these comics have no malicious intent and are intended for people who enjoy dark humor. You have to admit that everyone has a dark side, and normal, random memes can become tedious from time to time. Even things that are supposed to be tragic will make you laugh. That has the potential to turn you into a psychopath or just someone who enjoys spooky memes and comics.

Irwincardozo Comics is one of those things that manages to bring out the dark side of us. The mouse-drawn comics not only make you feel bad for laughing at them, but they’re also kind of addictive. You would simply desire more.

WARNING: Some may be offended by these. So proceed at your own risk further down below:

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