20 Stupid Controversies From the Last 10 Years

As you can see from this collection of hotly debated controversies from the past decade, not everyone is in on this joke.

We have gathered twenty of these conspiracy theories.

  1. Flat earth rubbish. Until I met a real flat earther, I thought people were just arguing in support of it because of memes.

  2. Sandy Snare slaughter being organized. That was simply cruel.

  1. Who cares what an animated M&M is wearing when you change its shoes? It’s a commercial for candy. Strange are the people who were offended by it.

  2. The one in Qanon (yes, there are a lot of them) where JFK Jr. was actually alive (or was returning from death?) to formally appoint Trump as president.

  3. Jade Helm The idea that Obama would use just 1200 troops to invade, conquer, and occupy Texas like he did France and make it part of his own personal empire

  1. Obama’s tan suit probably came from within the last ten years.

  2. Vaccines. It used to be ordinary to lose at any rate a portion of your children to youth sicknesses, and immunizations changed all that. It is one of science’s greatest achievements for humanity. There are now individuals who refuse to get shots for themselves or their children, and measles outbreaks are becoming more frequent.

  3. Politics that fight culture.

9 Birds don’t exist.

  1. Meghan and Harry. They are put all over the place.

  2. They can’t stop us all, Storm Area 51.

  1. Given that masks don’t work, why have nurses and doctors worn them for so long for operations and on wards with patients who have communicable diseases? Although they aren’t 100% effective, masking both parties helps significantly reduce the number of particles that reach you.

  2. Take me by the bum. should have given up on any hopes of becoming a politician or a public figure. Yet we are here.

  3. The dress in blue gold.

  1. Stop stealing.

  2. Trans people have been known about for more than 50 years, yet presently out of nowhere it’s an immense issue. Around the same time that workers are reaching their breaking point due to stagnant wages and skyrocketing living costs, That’s funny.

  3. Pronouns. Call people anything that the screw they need to be called!

  1. The Legacy of Hogwarts was pretty dumb. Calls threatening to kill people and death threats are pretty severe. It is merely a video game. Since the 1990s, I cannot recall such outrage over a video game.

  2. The emails of Hillary. It was everywhere, and I couldn’t take it anymore.

  3. The dispute between Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney. She was not utilized in a campaign. didn’t put her on a billboard. except for the one can they sent her to celebrate herself, she never put her face on a beer can. Also, a big part of America lost their fucking minds. They are free to slander Democrats as they please; they bet everything on a shock crusade over an individual jar of lager that had screw all to do with them. We are, however, the sheep.

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