20 Mysteries That Seem To Have No Answers

Whether or not you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan, there’s no denying that humans are naturally curious. Secrets captivate every one of us, yet we’re consistently excited about settling questions at whatever point we come through them.

Companies of all eras are becoming increasingly interested in escape games for this reason.

While only participating in one mystery-solving activity, they give you the opportunity to put your skills as an investigator into practice.

So, which are the most perplexing mysteries that no one has yet been able to solve?

The Bermuda Triangle, Dark Matter, Jack the Ripper, the Dancing Plague of 1518, and numerous other topics have perplexed individuals for centuries.

We accept we have a decent comprehension of history. We also like to think that we can figure out clues pretty well. However, when the two are combined, things get dicey. Incidentally, history is brimming with frightening secrets that won’t undoubtedly ever be addressed.

For instance..

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