19-Year-Old Confronting Life In Jail For Slaughtering Pedophile Human Dealer Who Raped Her

A 19-year-old young lady who was manhandled by a pedophile since she was as youthful as 16, is presently being accused of his homicide, and as of now confronting life in jail. Chrystul Kizer met a 33-year-elderly person named Randy Volar when she was only 16-years of age. At the time, Kizer was a disturbed youngster from a poor foundation who was selling her body on backpage.com.

After a couple of experiences together, Volar started mentioning her administrations on a genuinely customary premise and turned into a relentless customer. In the interim, during his experiences with her, he was running a concealed camera and gathering the recording. There were apparently many other kids that he was doing this with too, some as youthful as 12, in spite of the fact that all things considered, he met these other kids under various conditions since there aren’t numerous 12-year-olds on accompanying sites like backpage.com.

The police got up to speed with Volar in mid 2018 on charges of youngster temptation, utilizing a PC to encourage a kid sex wrongdoing, and second-degree rape of a kid. Police revealed piles of proof from Volar’s home, including an enormous reserve of recordings that indicated him mishandling numerous various kids on camera. Kizer was apparently among the unfortunate casualties that were appeared in the recording that was recuperated from Volar’s home. In any case, Volar just went through a solitary night in jail, and was immediately discharged without bail.

As time went on, Kizer’s association with Volar turned out to be increasingly extreme, and he turned out to be additionally controlling and forceful with her. In the long run, Volar started dealing youthful Kizer and taking the cash that she made with her different customers to keep her from increasing any sort of freedom from him. Kizer then started to separate herself from Volar, yet as indicated by her, that is the point at which he turned out to be much progressively forceful, and even took steps to slaughter her in the event that she left him. Around a similar time, she got engaged with a man named Delane Nelson, who apparently gave her a handgun to protect herself, in the event that something goes wrong if Volar finished on his dangers.

Not long after, Kizer wound up back at Volar’s home, and keeping in mind that it isn’t totally clear why she went there without anyone else through and through freedom, she says that Volar tranquilized her while she was at his home. While she was affected by whatever medication he had placed in her beverage, he attempted to assault her, and during some point in the battle, Kizer discharged the firearm, firing Volar twice in the head. She at that point set his body ablaze and fled the scene in his BMW, yet she says that she doesn’t recall any of it.

She was later gotten by police in close by Milwaukee, and in the end admitted to the slaughtering after an extraordinary cross examination. Head prosecutor Michael Graveley, who permitted Volar to walk free for his wrongdoings against youngsters, has been forceful in seeking after the body of evidence against Kizer, requiring a charge of first-degree murder which could convey a sentence of life in jail. Besides, the judge for the situation has decided that the barrier group won’t be permitted to utilize Volar’s violations against kids, or his maltreatment of Kizer as an avocation for the slaughtering.

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