17 Haunted Real Photos

Illustrations of the strange, creepy, and unfathomable.

1.The death mask of Nikola Tesla.

  1. Genuine Book of Shadows, published between 1800 and 1815.Written in bird’s blood and made of deerskin and catgut with gun powder branding.

3.The hair of Marie Antoinette is contained within this antique gold locket.

  1. A carving on the banister of the stairs at Charlton House in Kent.At the bottom of the stairs, faces appear normal, but as you go up, they become more distorted.It is rumored that a Satanist once owned this house.

  2. As Anna O. states:Since I was a young child, I have captured this entity in my pictures.”This shadow might appear to be just Anna’s at first glance.You would be able to see the shadow casting across the items in front of it if this were Anna’s shadow.Strangely, the shadow is extremely dim and hides behind the items.No, this shadow is behind everything and is so dark that the gold-framed picture on the wall behind it can’t be seen!”Cynthia Bryant

  1. Cherry Dollface is a strange human.

  2. A real picture of a Fleeceflower plant’s tuber roots.

  1. From the NC museum.It appears that the KKK didn’t just wear sheets.

  1. A single picture of an unidentified shiny object on Mars was taken by the NASA Curiosity rover.

  1. A stunning Viking tombstone.Isle of Barra, Cille Bharra.

  1. “mourning” jewelry from the Victorian era.

  1. Outside of NASA’s main office, this is not a carving.It comes from Salamanca Cathedral Church, which was built from the 1600s to the 1800s.

  2. A woman with Cleidocranial Dysplasia, which causes her collarbones to be absent or underdeveloped.

  1. Even though the John Lawson residence in Wappingers Falls, New York, was one of only two occupied houses on the street, that wasn’t what made it creepy.During the day, mannequins could be seen posed outside on the porch, and their positions, attire, and possessions would shift throughout the day.Who lived there was a mystery.Nobody or anything would ever be seen.There were a few attempts made by some to link the strange happenings to a massive train crash that killed several passengers in the middle of the 19th century, but who knows?According to the most recent reports, the mannequins are “gone,” possibly because someone bought the house.

  1. Hat that was taken off the RMS Titanic.

  1. The Chatham County, North Carolina, Devil’s Tramping Ground.Any items that are placed within this circle either mysteriously vanish or are moved away from its center.

17.According to ancient Middle Eastern myth, there was a magical object known as A Hand of Glory.They are typically made from the right hands of criminals who have been hanged and kept for magic and protection.This particular hand, which was made by a woman and dates back to 1610, is unique.Despite the fact that it had been kept in “glory” condition with a mahogany box, it has been suggested that she may have been adulterous.

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