16 Actors/Actresses Who Changed Beyond Recognition for Their Roles

#1 Christian Bale needed to pick up 45 lb as far as it matters for him in Vice.

#2 Chris Pratt thinned down and got siphoned up for Guardians of the Galaxy.

#3 Jennifer Aniston put on weight for Cake.

#4 Adam Driver lost 50 lb as far as concerns him in Silence.

#5 Matt Damon picked up 30 lb for The Informant!

#6 Joaquin Phoenix put on weight for You Were Never Really Here.

#7 Charlize Theron needed to pick up 50 pounds for her driving part in Tully.

#8 Hugh Jackman needed to lose 33 lb for Les Misérables

#9 Anne Hathaway lost 24 lb as far as it matters for her in Les Misérables.

#10 Jake Gyllenhaal lost 22 lb for Nightcrawler

#11 Colin Farrell put on in excess of 45 lb as far as it matters for him in The Lobster.

#12 James McAvoy turned out to be far increasingly monstrous for Glass.

#13 Jonah Hill shed pounds for Maniac.

#14 Chris Hemsworth needed to lose 33 lb as far as it matters for him In the Heart of the Sea

#15 Hugh Jackman needed to pick up bulk for The Wolverine.

#16 Jake Gyllenhaal siphoned up for Southpaw.

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