15 Odd Items People Found on Sale

Once upon a time, a guy walked into a local store and found an original Andy Warhol painting. Another day, a different man bought the Declaration of Independence in a $4 picture frame. But not everyone is as lucky as these shoppers!

RetCasm has made a collection of the weirdest things people have found on sale.

If garden gnomes aren’t good enough for you…
Looks like IT is in retirement.
“I can’t tell what color it is.”
Who would buy a used kid?
Is there an alpaca game?
“That doll doesn’t look so healthy.”
“Oh, this old thing? It’s from Aunt Sally.”
Having style is an easy way to talk about complex things.
Long legged chair
Mr. Ostrich-Crocodile-Ram looks angry!
Love is…
Are these two Lilly and Snape?
The crossover of a lifetime
“Off with her head!”
“Here’s a Star Wars reference for you.”

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