14 People Explain Why Atheism Is Right for Them

While it can be difficult for true believers to comprehend the idea of not believing in a god or a higher power, the fact of the matter is that some individuals choose not to adhere to any religion at all.

Or even hold the belief that there is a God.

If you want to know why they know this is the right thing for them, you have to listen. These 14 people are ready to explain why they don’t regret their lack of faith.

14. Hatred is not the issue.

Usually, this is also my short response.

The fact that religious people frequently equate atheism with religion hating is my biggest annoyance.I don’t really care if people want to believe something and are religious.You can do whatever you want if that makes you happy.Some religions’ moral tenets inspire me, and I sometimes envy those who truly believe in an afterlife.

Having said that, I can’t stand people who hate just because they disagree with them.It could be due to sexual preference, race, nationality, religion, or other factors.Religion, in my opinion, is yet another factor that has the potential to divide us.It seems to bring more hatred and sadness to the world than it does inspiration and hope.I know that the majority of the hate comes from overzealous individuals and does not represent the majority because I have many friends and family members who are not religious. However, these religions do cause hatred and conflict.

I would happily worship or at least acknowledge the existence of a god or creator if it were ever demonstrated that they exist.Until questions like these are asked, religion is not really something I think about in my daily life.

13. A lack of evidence and proof exists.

The lack of evidence and the fact that religious individuals only use the term “faith” as a defense when they attempt to push their nonsense

12.There are insufficient responses to all of the “whys.”

I initially believed in God primarily due to my parents’ assertions.But then I started to wonder why this is the case instead of not?Why does this greatest being not approach us? It ought to assist us, but it does not.Since I’m from Russia, this attitude is not uncommon, many believers impose their faith and assert that God will punish atheists.

What can this supreme being do but punish the atheists?I tried to learn more about science, learned about the theory of evolution, and realized that the transformation of a piece of clay into a complex human organ system sounds even less plausible to me than the transformation of a monkey into a person.

11.Science cannot be substituted.

because there is no reason for me to.Like I don’t believe in elves, ghosts, demons, bigfoot, chupacabra, Loch Ness Monster, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, or any other superstition or fairy tale nonsense.I rarely practice “believing” in anything.I accept the existence of something after seeing evidence of it;I do not act solely on faith.


Since a god who conceals its identity makes no sense, I honestly have never given that any thought before now.It could make a big show of wanting our obedience and get it.


because men and women are equally important.

It was also used to exert control over me and other women for a long time.It made it possible for the men at the church to be entitled and lazy while simultaneously blaming women for never being able to do enough.Everyone prayed for women who left church because they had had enough of the “serving” nonsense (planning everything, taking care of everything, all domestic chores, free childcare, and being expected to stop everything at the whim of others).Church of Satan forever

8. It doesn’t come from nature.

All mathematical equations discovered in the past 100 years will eventually be rediscovered if you delete them all; natural facts and order cannot be deleted forever.If you apply the same strategy to all religions, none of them will ever be seen again.God and religion are constructed concepts that are handed down from parents and society.Whether you live in China or the United States, 1+1 always equals 2.But no matter where you are, Allah is not the same god as Zeus.EDIT:We appreciate the awards and the fruitful conversation, guys!

7.accepting of your mortality.

I’m perfectly content with my mortality and the universe simply existing; there is no evidence, and lack of evidence is not the same as evidence.To get on with my day-to-day life, I don’t need to create or believe in something greater than myself.It is a vast, crazy, amazing, beautiful, random, and infinite thing.Why is it necessary for something to create it?Why don’t we just take it as it is?


When you actually read the Bible… actually do the reading.As a child, I was always skeptical, but reading the book was the final straw for me.

5. It does not very much resemble love.

Why is it that millions of people are depressed, tortured, murdered, hated, starved, and ill if God loves everyone?Why not bring happiness to everyone you “love” instead of causing famine or mass genocide?

4.Interesting and succinct.

I make the argument that we are both atheists.I just don’t believe in as many gods as you do.You will comprehend why I reject your gods when you comprehend why you reject all other possible gods.Edit by Stephen Roberts;The kind stranger, thank you for the silver!

3. In any case, there is no god who is good.

It is a book that was written a few thousand years ago, was translated and retranslated a few hundred times, and was rewritten to fit the needs of other people.Even if they claimed that we had free will, no one can corroborate anything that happened, and no diety would allow their name to be misappropriated and used to kill people in their name.

2.Why should we worship him?

Because God is a tyrant, or at least the idea of God.It is said that he watches from the heavens as millions die from hunger, disease, murder, war, sexual abuse, and other causes.Religion makes you afraid of God so that you won’t go to hell, where you’ll burn for all eternity if you don’t follow his commands and follow his strict rules.Every day, tragic deaths occur, and people have the audacity to claim that God took them because he thought it was time.So, I suppose God wanted you to die in a bad way?In addition, there is no evidence, and people have waited two thousand years for his sons’ return without receiving anything.

He remained silent as the Jews perished in concentration camps and the native Americans were massacred because they needed to be converted.He allowed racism and slavery to exist, which is insane.I believed that we were all meant to live in harmony as his children.How could a God who is supposed to be so kind act like that?He allows Christianity and Islam, two of the world’s major religions, to engage in a meaningless religious conflict that results in the suffering of innocent people.

Is God merely a devil-like being whom we are commanded to fear and follow?It certainly appears so.Religious people are so focused on getting to heaven that they forget to appreciate the brief time we have here on this tiny rock, which revolves around our tiny star in a sea of billions that revolves around the center of our galaxy before it freefalls into the void and darkness of space.

Despite the fact that we are insignificant in comparison to the universe, we are pointing weapons at one another that have the potential to end our entire existence.We humans are scum.

1.For millennia, we have done it.

I think that God is just the name we’ve given to things that science hasn’t yet been able to explain.Science will never be able to explain some things, like why time exists or how the first atom came into existence.that is simpler to contemplate by assuming that an entity is responsible for all of the unanswered questions.

It is a joy for me to listen to other people discuss their thoughts, their upbringing, and how it differs from mine.Are you a devout Christian?Are you agnostic?In the comments, please share your own justifications for your choices!

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