10 reasons why you should not trust the media

Nowadays it’s hard to say what’s real and what’s fake on social media. Everything appears extremely real thanks to editing, VFX and special effects. Every photo is a result of a lot of hardwork and extra efforts. So, we can say that not everything that’s on social media can be trusted completely.

Take a look at some of the real photographs.


You only need a table and two ottomans to create an underwater scene



Isn’t this photo just amazing and all you need is a table and two ottomans and your underwater house is ready to go.

These photographs are proof enough that not everything that’s selling online is worth buying. Everything that’s on social media is somewhere fake and edited. So, you should not trust everything that shows up in social media platforms.


Why travel when you have a projector Show you are on vacations!



Here is the trick If you can’t manage to travel to hill stations frequently. But you can use a projector to project a scene from that place.


This is how a Perfect Pic gets clicked!


You do want a photo in the greenery are but being in the city you can’t it nearby you. So, you will have to settle with the little gardens you have in your surroundings.


Photo within the flora is a dream


I must say people make a lot of efforts to get one perfect photo for social media.


Your search tab is logged with such photos, right?


These hand-holding couple photos are hounding my search tab of all my social media accounts. In that case, take your friend’s help and get the perfect click.


Oh! The dream wedding photo


We have found the perfect gentleman, I must say. This one is such a cute photo, but the reality is something else.


Such a sweet couple


One perfect photo can make you do a lot of things. If only this wouldn’t have been captured from behind as well then it would have been an amazing shot.


A bathtub can do the magic


Why do you need a pool, or a water body, when you can simply use a baby pool in your garden and can get the best shot of your life.


If ‘reality vs expectation’ had a face


We must appreciate the creativity. But this photo suddenly reminds me of ‘expectations vs reality’ situation.


I feel that it’s hard to be a model11a.jpg

Who says modeling is a piece of cake? Does this look easy to you? This photo deserves some appreciation.

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