10 Pictures That Demonstrate Anything Can Occur At The Air terminals

If you are a traveler, you know that Airports are a fun place to hang out at! Also, there are days when it is full of entertainment. In fact, anything and everything is possible at Airports and these images simply prove that! Don’t believe us? Here you go!


That moment when you are peacefully looing yourself up and you have a visitor! Nobody likes such moments you see! 

Funny people

And then of course whenever you are at the Airport, chances are that you’ll find the funniest people in the world! This little girl is enjoying herself to the core for sure!

Hug Of the Day

Airports can get super duper emotional sometimes. Nothing, absolutely nothing can beat the pureness of goodbye hugs. this for me is the hug of the day to be honest!

Fancy dress

And then of course, there are people who believe in fancy dress as well! Imagine flying by yourself for the first time ever and being greeted by your dad who looks like this? Super cool, isn’t it?


We sincerely wonder which robot is charging here? Also, a photo from the front angle would’ve been very helpful for sure! 

Wheelchair Saga

And then of course, one of the most common things to look for when at the Airport are your Wheelchairs! You’ll get funniest ways in which people handle their wheelchairs!

The Hidden Secret

“While boarding a flight, an 8-year-old ominously told me ‘I left a secret agent to watch you…’ I wasn’t sure what that meant for the next 2 hours until another passenger pointed this out to me…” Kids can be really naughty and funny at the same time!

The Wait!!!

As mentioned above, Airports can become extremely emotional sometimes. Specially when people wait this for for one mere moment at the Airport! Heart Touching!

And The Tiredness!

And at the same time, Airports can get really tiring as well! Have you ever slept like a fairy at the Airport while waiting for your connecting flight? Things can get rough!

The End

Let’s end things up with this image at the Airport. No it isn’t fake or edited! Somebody legit got this amount of luggage! What were all the other trollies doing?

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