10+ People Whom Fortune Didn’t Favor at All

If there were pictures in dictionaries, these photos would be illustrations for such words as “bad luck,“ ”failure,“ “flop,” and ”fiasco.”

Mom, I met the President.
A fascinating journey into the bushes is going to start in 3…2…1.
The winners of the “Worst Face Switch” competition
Even teeth can be sacrificed for a good shot.
Fire birthday party!
When even the restaurant is hinting at cutting back on eating fast food:
The world record for cooking the largest scrambled eggs
This lady kindly agreed to take our photo. Thanks
If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. Damn it!
My whole life in one photo:
Both brothers won the lottery on the same day.

Who, in your opinion, is the winner of “The Failure of the Year” award?

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